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New Horizons Languages Programs General Overview

Through the New Horizons English Language Program, you will:

  • Learn how to improve your scores on English examinations.

  • Select from many program options targeted at your specific needs and interests.
  • Gain feedback to improve proficiency more rapidly.
  • Gain exposure to the English language through multimedia, text illustrations, and video.
  • Increase your proficiency with learning styles that match your learning preferences.
  • Work with a variety of interactive materials.


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Our Method:

The New Horizons English Language Program is a comprehensive approach to training that combines state-of-the-art technology with the best in teacher-led learning. We call this methodology "New Horizons Integrated LearningĀ®".



New Horizons English Learning Centers provide students with courses that are comprehensive, challenging. Our programs correspond to professional language needs and goals. Our main objectives, as a provider of language training courses, are to teach core and specialized language skills, provide a learning environment that is dynamic and allow participants the opportunity to speak English as often as they like.


New Horizons Offers:

Consultation, multiple learning options, high quality instruction, consistent content across learning methods and support resources to increase knowledge transfer as well as skills development.



Personal consultation and assessment tests determine your current competencies and skill level to identify the best training path for you.



Identify the best training path for you through personal consultation and assessment tests that will determine your current competencies and skill level.

Throughout the time that you are attending classes at a New Horizons center you will have access to the highest quality support and guidance provided by highly trained professionals


Make sure that you have learned what you set out to learn and have reached the goals that you set out to reach with Pre and Post assessments that prove that you have achieved your learning goals. At New Horizons we pride ourselves in the achievements of our students.


Course Evaluation:

For Classroom Learning, our instructors and courses are evaluated by students to ensure that we are maintaing the best quality of training, facilities and content.


Post-Class Survey:

Our post-class survey is distributed 10 days after the course starts. This is to rovide us with continuous feedback, that would help New Horizons improve its training and services.