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Learning Methods

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning consists of five components - Assess, Learn, Reinforce, Support and Validate - and merges multiple delivery methods and learning resources to create the most effective learning experience available in the industry.
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Benefits of New Horizons Mentored Learning

The Mentored Learning Approach

Mentored Learning is an on-demand delivery model - you determine when you attend training and for how long.

  • Each workstation includes two computer monitors
  • One monitor contains course content
  • One monitor has access to a production environment to practice your skills
  • A live instructor is your personal mentor and coach
  • You set the course pace

Focused Learning

Learn what you need to learn without wasting your time with what you may already know.

  • Skill sets are assessed prior to training
  • Custom learning path can then be created to fill the knowledge gap
  • Focus only on what you need to learn at your pace
  • Learn while doing approach increases retention
  • Post-assessments track progress and return on investment

One-On-One Mentoring

Certified Instructors are present to provide ongoing coaching, support and guidance throughout your training.

  • One-on-one mentoring increases comprehension of the material
  • Blending lecture, hands-on practice and instructor interaction creates a stimulating and effective learning environment
  • Mentors answer questions and provide additional instruction

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible schedules allow you to get that added skill set while maintaining your daily schedule.

  • Build your training schedule around your work schedule
  • Remain productive at work while training
  • Ability to control the pace of the course
  • Put your newly-learned skills into action immediately

Stay Productive. Stay in Charge. Begin Mentored Learning Today

New Horizons St. Louis will develop a customized training plan for each student which will translate into improved productivity.


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