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New Horizons free training webinars are a great opportunity to see the real value the latest technologies can bring to your organization—whether you’re a business decision maker, training professional, developer, engineer or project manager.

Our training webinars cover the latest topics in the industry including IT training, information security, graphics and design, business skills, and office productivity. With new topics every month, there’s something for everyone.

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Virtualize Everything!

DATE:  03/07/2017

TIME:  9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST / 4:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Shawn Bolan – Training Manager, New Horizons Omaha, NE

Explore the fundamental concepts of Virtualization and the benefits to your organization. From data center, to desktop, to network and storage virtualization, Shawn Bolan, award winning VMware Certified Instructor and Training Manager at New Horizons Omaha shares his subject matter expertise on virtualizing everything.

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Effective Job Search Strategy

DATE:  03/10/2017

TIME:  8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 3:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Gary O’Neal - Recruiting and Corporate Hiring Consultant

Your goal is to land that job and you need an effective and assertive plan to do so! All hiring happens at the front of the line when you get to talk with the hiring manager, not at the end of the line when you apply for a job. This workshop teaches you how to get to the front of the line and helps you map out your action plan to be successful in your job search.

You will:

  • Transform any job search frustration into action items
  • Discover what components make up a successful strategy
  • Understand the difference between a "Hidden Job" and an "Open Job"
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to connect with the right people

Past attendees report gaining insights allowing them to be more proactive and confident during the hiring and interview process. Take your activity to the next level, become a more effective and desired candidate by attending this workshop!

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Network Virtualization with NSX

DATE:  03/14/2017

TIME:  9:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm EDT / 4:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  John Krueger - Americas Technical Lead and Lead Instructor, VMware

Hear from VMware’s Technical Lead on network virtualization, as he provides a comprehensive overview of the NSX product components and architecture, as well as the new features of the most recent releases.

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Application and Desktop Virtualization with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

DATE:  03/22/2017

TIME:  9:30 am PDT / 12:30 pm EDT / 4:30 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Khalaf Haddad, Technical Instructor, New Horizons Learning Solutions

Find out how application and desktop virtualization can reduce your total cost of ownership and increase data security. This overview will cover the latest product features, and include a live-fire demonstration. Presented by the 2015 Citrix Certified Instructor of the Year and 2016 New Horizons Learning Solutions Technical Instructor of the year.

Sample Citrix Courses:

  • CXD-210 XenApp and XenDesktop Administration
  • CXD-310 XenApp and XenDesktop Advanced Administration
  • CXD-350 Moving to XenApp and XenDesktop Service on Citrix Cloud
  • CXD-410 XenApp and XenDesktop Design

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Resumes that Rock: The Ticket to Your Next Interview

DATE:  03/24/2017

TIME:  8:00 am PDT / 11:00 am EDT / 3:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Gary O’Neal - Recruiting and Corporate Hiring Consultant

When your résumé rocks, you’ll stand out from the crowd, prove your value and get that interview! This workshop provides a foundation that is key to building a resume that will best represent YOU.

What you'll learn:

  • How resumes are used in the hiring process
  • What differentiates a good resume from a resume that ROCKS
  • The difference between reality and myth for resumes and the hiring process
  • How to use your work history to create and support your own "unique professional brand"
  • Discover how best to handle career transitions and various unique situations

Learn a step-by-step process you can use to clarify where you are headed and easily communicate that to others. Understand how to position your strengths and all you bring to a hiring organization by attending this workshop!

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Introducing CSA+ (Cybersecurity Analyst): CompTIA's Newest Security Certification

DATE:  04/18/2017

TIME:  9:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm EDT / 4:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Patrick Lane - Products Director, CompTIA

Join us to learn about the increasing demand for security analysts, the skills covered in CompTIA’s newest security certification, CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+), and the CompTIA Cybersecurity Pathway from CompTIA Products Director, Patrick Lane.

CSA+ is an international, vendor-neutral IT professional certification that applies behavioral analytics to improve the overall state of IT security. As attackers have learned to evade traditional signature-based solutions such as firewalls, an analytics-based approach within the IT security industry has become extremely important and essential for most organizations. The behavioral analytics skills covered by the CompTIA CSA+ certification identify and combat malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs), resulting in better threat visibility across a broad attack surface by focusing on network behavior, including an organization’s interior network.

IT professionals looking to gain IT security analyst skills, and those following the CompTIA recommended skills pathway to achieve cybersecurity mastery, should consider earning the CompTIA CSA+ vendor-neutral certification.

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