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2018 State of IT Training

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How effective is your IT training strategy? Preparing IT staff to defend against modern threats and implement new cloud-based technologies requires ongoing education. But what are the most effective training methods? Which technologies should you invest in? And how do you stack up against your peers?

New Horizons surveyed hundreds of decision-makers and IT professionals across more than 10 industries to answer these questions and help future-proof your IT staff.

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  • How companies manage IT
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  • How much time organizations dedicate to training IT staff
  • The most pressing IT training challenges
  • Where companies plan to invest in 2018
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of companies manage IT in-house or use a blend of in-house and outsourced resources.

More companies surveyed execute and manage IT projects internally than outsource to specialists alone. Access to ongoing education is a must-have for IT teams to keep pace with the shifty IT landscape.

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of companies believe sufficient training exists for their organization’s technology needs.

A gap exists between the need for IT training and the quality of training available.

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Only 12% of companies believe their IT training strategy is 'very effective.'

Business leaders aren't confident in their approach to training IT staff. Outsourced IT training offers IT teams the most comprehensive, current and cost-effective education to reach their organizational objectives.

The top 3

IT Training Challenges

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3 Out of 4 Companies Say Cost

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Say Time Investment Required

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3 Out of 8 Companies Say Selecting the Right Training

IT professionals still need instructors.

Most companies surveyed prefer structured, professional IT training methods. Instructor-led classes encourage in-depth discussion and provide realistic training that prepares people to use skills in real life.

How Companies Train IT Staff

  • Free online resources (white papers, videos, etc.)
  • Instructor-led classes (in-person or virtual)
  • Vendor-authorized certification program
  • Self-paced e-learning
  • On-the-job training
  • Self-teaching

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As the largest IT training company in the world, New Horizons offers more than 2,500 IT training courses for individuals, teams and businesses of all sizes.

The top 3 influencers in IT training purchase decisions are:

Internet Research

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Customer References

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Word of Mouth

The top priorities in 2018 are:

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Security Solutions
(Cloud and Mobility)

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Cybersecurity tops the list of 2018 IT priorities for many respondents. Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S. As cyber threats grow in size and sophistication, IT staff will need constant training to safeguard their organizations.

The 2 biggest IT challenges facing modern companies

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Budget Constraints

More than half of companies surveyed cite budget constraints as a top IT challenge in 2018. Tying IT projects to business ROI is critical for justifying technology expenses and gaining budget approval.


of companies don't have a documented disaster recovery plan in place.

Cybersecurity Implementation

Many companies are still grossly underprepared to handle cyberattacks.

Did you know

IT training from New Horizons typically yields a 4:1 benefit-to-cost ratio – based on manager surveys of employee performance and productivity immediately following New Horizons training.

2018 IT Budget Direction

IT budgets aren’t increasing alongside IT needs.

Despite the growing threat of cyberattacks and IT skills gap, 62 percent of companies will maintain the same IT budget in 2018. Only 23 percent plan to invest more in IT.

Technology is a springboard for innovation. Cloud applications enable automation, increase speed to market and drive down operational costs.

Companies that allocate more spending and resources toward IT training and transformation today will be better poised for growth tomorrow.

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Ongoing IT training is the best way to build a staff for the future. IT teams that invest in ongoing education:

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Work more productively

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Solve problems faster

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Execute complex projects on time and on budget

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Implement new technology with ease

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Manage preventative maintenance

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Prevent costly security breaches

At New Horizons, we help companies see tangible, measurable results by upgrading the capabilities and skills of their most important assets – their own team members.

We offer the largest selection of instructor-led and self-paced IT training courses to gain real insights from real industry experts.

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