Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Adobe finally moving away from Flash

In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone in the industry, Adobe has decided to kill the Flash Professional suite of animation tools. According to an Adobe blog concerning the announcement, after some retooling and updating, the service will be available in early 2016 under the name Adobe Animate CC

Although Adobe will be adding other features like a 360 degree rotatable canvas and better audio syncing, this update mainly has to do with increased compatibility with HTML5 as well as increasing the security abilities of the service. 

"HTML5 is a lot more mobile-friendly than Flash."

Flash was behind the times

HTML5 has overtaken Flash for a variety of reasons. However, one of the biggest pushes toward this new technology had to do with how HTML5 holds up in a mobile environment. HTML5 is a lot more mobile-friendly than Flash, and due to the rise in smartphone ownership in recent years, this inability to provide in a mobile environment has been a huge thorn in Flash's side. 

Adobe itself has even admitted that HTML5 is the future, stating that more than one-third of all the things made in Flash Professional currently utilize HTML5. Animate is expected to support HTML5 better, which is going to allow Adobe to extend its reach into the mobile market. 

The other reason Flash hasn't seen a whole lot of popularity recently has to do with how poorly it holds up against a cyberattack. According to a study by Recorded Future, a cyberthreat intelligence group, Adobe Flash Player could be found in eight of the top 10 vulnerabilities that were used by hackers and their exploit kits in 2015. The sheer number of exploits offered by this technology allowed hackers to gain access to areas of the Web they otherwise wouldn't have been able to reach for years, and many in the cybersecurity see this as a big step forward in the fight against cybercriminals. 

Adobe Flash isn't well liked in the cybersecurity industry. Cybercriminals have been using Adobe Flash as an entry point for years.

HTML5 computer based training is going to be even more valuable

Although HTML5 computer training courses are already a great resource to take advantage of, this most recent news from Adobe shows that the future of animation is going to be in HTML5. Anyone with basic computer training in this area is going to see an increase in the demand for their skill set. 

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