Happy Independence Day from New Horizons

Typically, July 4th  is a time to celebrate our national independence. We gather with friends and family to have cookouts, pool parties and watch fireworks at night. Like so many other things, Independence Day this year will be different, as America faces increasing pandemic numbers that drive people indoors and away from their loved ones.

If there’s anything 2020 has taught us so far, it’s that we must be ready to adapt to change. We need highly-skilled professionals to innovate, lead, and help organizations come out of the pandemic stronger and more agile than ever before. In the spirit of inspiration, celebration and empowerment, New Horizons is committed to helping you with your life-long learning in any location. We will continue to offer the most guaranteed-to-run courses, deliver the highest quality content and continue our partnerships with industry leaders including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, and more!

From all of us at New Horizons, Happy Independence Day to you and your families.


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