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The 6 Highest Paying IT Freelance Skills (And How to Master Them Today)

Highest Paying Freelance Skills

Thinking about giving freelance work a try? Freelance IT skills are in high demand, and businesses are willing to pay top dollar to attract skilled workers.

Whether you’re looking to make some extra money on the side or pursue freelance work full-time, obtaining the right skills will help you get your foot in the door. This blog will highlight some of the highest paying IT freelance skills so you can pinpoint the job opportunities that match your skillset and career path.

Why Should You Work Freelance?

Freelancing gives you the benefit of controlling your workload and the flexibility to work when – and where – you want.

Freelancers are their own boss and have complete autonomy. They can work when they are most productive and choose their coworkers. Lastly, freelancers gain new skills with every new assignment and, depending on what jobs they look for, could command a higher salary than a full-time employee.

The Highest Paying IT Freelance Skills

If you’re ready to step into freelancing, you need to know the highest paying freelance skills available to you as an IT professional. Here are the top six:

1. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain startups raised a total of $2.4 billion in 2018 and are on track to surpass that amount this year. Clearly, blockchain is becoming an important technology as companies experiment with what it can do both with cryptocurrencies and within other industries.

Blockchain developers are responsible for building applications, developing new currencies and creating protocols using the technology.

Average Pay: $57 per hour

Prerequisites: To become a blockchain developer, you need software engineering skills, a solid understanding of blockchain development platforms like Ethereum and knowledge of algorithms and data structures.

Recommended Training: Blockchain Training Alliance courses

2. Solutions Architect

Solutions architecture is critical for developing foolproof technology solutions and identifying problems before they cause trouble down the line. Solutions architects detect issues within enterprise applications or solutions and create plans to resolve concerns and ensure business needs are met.

Companies hire freelance solutions architects to review their current infrastructure from both a business and technical perspective, and determine ideal solutions requirements.

Average Pay: $70 per hour

Prerequisites: Freelance solutions architects must have project management experience and excellent communication skills. They should also have proven experience with DevOps, cloud development, software architecture design and IT infrastructure.

Recommended Training:

3. AWS Developer

With 32 percent of the global market share, AWS is the world’s largest cloud provider. As a result, being able to develop high performing AWS applications and solutions is a very in-demand skill.

According to a NetEnrich survey, 85 percent of enterprises reported moderate or extensive production use of cloud infrastructure in 2019. Enterprises hire freelance AWS developers to design cloud computing architecture, develop cloud-based applications, manage SysOps administration and more.

A freelance AWS Certified Developer can find work as a cloud developer, cloud architect or cloud software engineer.

Average Pay: $60 per hour

Prerequisites: AWS developers should hold an AWS Certified Developer certificate and be familiar with most AWS services. They also need proven experience in programming languages, cloud infrastructure, networking and the Linux operating system.

Recommended Training: AWS Certified Developer - Associate

4. Power BI Consultant

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most widely used tools in the business intelligence domain. Microsoft Power BI consultants help businesses execute a sound BI strategy and optimize their return on analytics investment.

Power BI consultants help business users avoid common missteps and ensure they can access the insights they need within Power BI. Consultants also educate companies on Power BI best practices, plan budgets and provide demos.

Average Pay: $50 per hour

Prerequisites: Power BI consultants need several years of experience working with Power BI and Azure BI tools, building data models and collaborating in a delivery team environment.

Recommended Training: Power BI courses

5. Natural Language Processing Developer

The rise of voice-activated assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, have fueled an increasing demand for natural language processing (NLP) freelance skills.

NLP developers design and develop NLP applications by helping machines learn and understand human language. They use text representation techniques to transform natural language data into useful features. NLP developers also run evaluation experiments, perform statistical analysis and refine models to make them more efficient.

Average Pay: $36 per hour

Prerequisites: Natural language processing developers require a background in computer science, linguistics or artificial intelligence. They typically need strong programming and software engineering skills.

Recommended Training: Programming courses

6. Information Security Consultant

It's no secret that cyberattacks are on the rise, with an estimated billions of people affected by a breach in 2018 alone. And considering that cyberattacks can cost a business millions of dollars, information security consultants have become some of the most sought-after freelancers around.

IT security consultants help organizations update cybersecurity policies, conduct security assessments and identify vulnerabilities in a company’s internal networks.

Average Pay: $90 per hour

Prerequisites: Information security consultants typically need a CISSP or CISM certification, along with advanced project management and communication skills. They must understand firewalls, proxies, patch management, SIEM, IDPS concepts and antivirus software. And they should be able to identify and resolve network vulnerabilities.

Recommended Training: Cybersecurity courses

Obtain the Top Freelance Skills With New Horizons

Freelancing has become a bigger opportunity for IT professionals. And if it’s something you’re interested in pursuing, then knowing the highest-paying freelance skills will take you far. But you also need training to back up any skills you want to show off.

With New Horizons’ training courses, you can gain the expertise you need to become a sought-after freelancer. All you have to do is get started. Check out our courses or contact one of our training experts to learn more now.


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