Microsoft Excel Employment Landscape

According to Microsoft, 750 million people use its Excel program worldwide, and Satya Nadella has referred to the spreadsheet software as the company’s most important consumer product. Excel has become a business staple since its launch in 1985 and is currently on its 29th iteration. The program’s flexibility, functionality, and robust user community have made it an office essential, and not just for Finance. Marketing, Product Management, Research, HR, even IT teams use Excel to manipulate data and produce reports.

What makes Excel so popular is its breadth and depth of functionality. From simple sums and equations to pivot tables and complex analysis, there are endless ways to use this powerhouse program. With such a range of applications, it’s no wonder Excel has become a need-to-know skill for employers in every industry.

The Excel Employment Landscape (all stats from EMSI)

From June 2019 to May 2020, there were over 16 million unique job postings where Microsoft Excel was a required skill. More than 3 million of these jobs were unique, meaning the average job was posted on an average of 5 job sites in an effort to find the right candidate. In terms of education a bachelor’s degree is most desirable, with 60% of employers looking for candidates with a B.A; 21% a high school diploma or GED; 12% a Master’s degree; 11% an Associate’s Degree; and 22% did not specify a degree requirement. 33% of the posted jobs require 2-3 years’ Excel experience; 21% 0-1 year experience; 16% 4-6 years’ experience; 5% 7+ years’ experience; and 25% list no experience requirement.

If you want to be hired for your Excel excellence, you’re in luck if you live in New York City. With 96,809 jobs posted seeking Excel skills, NYC is the hottest spot right now for Excel jobs. Behind New York in terms of job postings are Chicago (62,829 jobs); Washington, DC (54,736); Los Angeles (50,334); and Houston (46,550).

There are jobs posted for any level of experience, with the greatest number for Accountants, Auditors and Finance Managers (333,720); Admin Assistants (121,277); Management Analysts (111,171); Customer Service Agents (84,141); Marketing Managers (82,483); and Sales Manager (77,647). Hiring needs span all industries, but Staffing Agencies (557,710); STEM (552,308); Manufacturing (409,659); Finance & Insurance (347,930); Retail (233,547); and Healthcare (228,759) are currently offering the greatest opportunity for employment.

It’s clear that to be competitive in today’s job market, staying at the top of your Excel game is a must. New Horizons offers Microsoft Excel classes that can teach you function fundamentals or advanced formulas and everything in between.

Excel is a skill that’s always in demand. Enroll in an Excel course today and start learning what earns.


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