Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why the world needs more network virtualization experts

What do you have to gain from becoming an expert in network virtualization? Since it is still a relatively new field, there is enormous opportunity to establish yourself as an authority on the relevant technologies and techniques that make virtualization such an appealing practice.

Network virtualization offers numerous benefits for today's businesses:

  • Cost-cutting: A virtualized network has less need for specialized hardware upgrades, since its real intelligence lies in software that can run on commodity switches and routers.
  • Flexibility: Through network virtualization, it is possible to move virtual machines between infrastructure, so that the network can effectively respond to evolving business requirements.
  • Reliability: VM portability helps to ensure a highly reliable network, with fewer costly downtime incidents. The Rand Group has estimated that an hour of downtime costs most organizations at least $100,000.

As a network virtualization expert, you can help companies realize the above core benefits and many others by becoming well-versed in platforms such as VMware NSX, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. There are several reasons to be optimistic about the demand for network virtualization specialists in the years ahead:

1. Network virtualization is an expanding market

According to ReportsnReports, network virtualization should be sustained by massive investment through the end of the decade. Service providers as a group may bring in $18 billion in revenue from their investments in software-defined networking and network functions virtualization - the building blocks of network virtualization - by 2020. The compound annual growth rate is expected to be 46 percent between 2016 and 2020.

Network virtualization is an expanding market.Network virtualization is an expanding market.

2. NSX is a highly successful network virtualization solution

VMware acquired Nicira Networks for more than $1 billion in 2012. This year alone, it is expecting a $1 billion run rate for NSX, indicating the high return on investment from this acquisition. NSX is a key driver in the expansion of the network virtualization landscape: IHS Markit has estimated that the market would be worth $15.5 billion by 2020, up from only $2.7 billion in 2015.

3. Service providers need network virtualization to compete with cloud giants

Cloud giants - i.e., companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Google and Apple, all of which stake their businesses in large part on the scope of their networked services - are now in direct competition with service providers when it comes to delivering content and shaping end user experiences. Network virtualization helps them level the playing field and support initiatives such as forays into original programming.

"NSX is a key driver in the expansion of the network virtualization landscape."

Punch your ticket to network virtualization success today

Mastering network virtualization takes time. The best place to start is by learning the ropes of popular platforms made by VMware, Cisco and Citrix. Courses in the technologies of all three vendors are available at your nearby New Horizons Computer Center. Locate a site near you to begin on your path to a career in network virtualization.


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