Bundle and Save

Whether you are an individual contributor wanting to take control of your own professional development or an HR leader looking for ways to give your employees additional growth opportunities, New Horizons Center for Leadership and Development Learning Journeys are great pathways for upskill your leaders.

Our Leadership & Development Learning Journeys are a personalized roadmap of courses that provide the requisite skills and competencies to meet business-centric demands of today’s technical worker. They are designed around specific job roles or areas of responsibility. By purchasing one of our pre-bundled Leadership Learning Journeys you can save up to 30% off what purchasing the individual course would be.

The Center for Leadership & Development has been designed to enhance today’s work culture by turning professional roadblocks into opportunities. Whether you’re looking to improve your core leadership skills or address key career stages, we are here to help.

You can choose from one of our ready made Learning Journeys or contact us to create your own custom version.