Certification or Degree?

Cybersecurity is becoming more essential to organisations nowadays and is alluring for the aspiring IT professionals who search for different ways to acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills to move to the Cybersecurity field. While there are those who go after certifications there are also those who prefer to get a degree (Bachelors or Masters).

Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Companies changed their focus to invest more in cloud technologies which would benefit their business during the pandemic as well as post pandemic.

How can it Benefit my Business

Microsoft 365 was introduced in 2017 and was developed to provide businesses the tools which are essential to do their basic IT work, infrastructure, security and generally workflow.

Cybercriminals use malware to steal or delete your data, or to take over control of your system in order to spy on your activity, including recording your passwords and other sensitive information.

How much can an IT make on average?

While salaries differ from country-to-country IT professionals tend to earn high-end salaries compared to other job sectors in their respective country/region. United states is a good indicator regarding the matter with IT pros earning up to $120,000 a year (€100,000).


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