Cybercriminals use malware to steal or delete your data, or to take over control of your system in order to spy on your activity, including recording your passwords and other sensitive information.

How much can an IT make on average?

While salaries differ from country-to-country IT professionals tend to earn high-end salaries compared to other job sectors in their respective country/region. United states is a good indicator regarding the matter with IT pros earning up to $120,000 a year (€100,000).

Many organizations were caught unprepared in a cyber attack while dealing with other issues and threats that came with the global pandemic.

Despite all that, there are no signs that this year will be any better in regards to cybersecurity.

There is an irregular trend going for the past fifteen years regarding the IT certifications which, according to research analyst firm Foote Partners, shows that employers seem to choose and even pay more the non-certified IT skills rather the certified ones. In addition, certifications overall show to lose value for the past 3 years, which can be attributed to the increasing number IT professionals getting their skills certified.

  • 26 March 2021
  • Author: George Pratsos
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As an application MS Excel is used to calculate, organize and evaluate data, allowing businesses to have the most needed information which will affect their decision making regarding the company. It is a widely used and almost known by everyone. But how many employees really know how to properly leverage its capabilities? Excel can greatly improve the productivity of a company’s employees as well as reduce cost by being used in place of other paid software.  


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