As working remotely from home is becoming the new normal in this Covid epidemic, some job positions have gained immense popularity.

Careers in the Cybersecurity, robotic automations, project management, data science and analysis, digital marketing, cloud computing, AI and machine learning have been on the rise for quite some time but the past couple of years have proved their importance and their role in the modern society.

Certification or Degree?

Cybersecurity is becoming more essential to organisations nowadays and is alluring for the aspiring IT professionals who search for different ways to acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills to move to the Cybersecurity field. While there are those who go after certifications there are also those who prefer to get a degree (Bachelors or Masters).

Cybercriminals use malware to steal or delete your data, or to take over control of your system in order to spy on your activity, including recording your passwords and other sensitive information.

Many organizations were caught unprepared in a cyber attack while dealing with other issues and threats that came with the global pandemic.

Despite all that, there are no signs that this year will be any better in regards to cybersecurity.


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