19 Apr 2021

The trend in IT Salaries in 2021

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It’ s well know that IT is one of the most in demand job sectors and professionals’ hard work is being paid well both in knowledge and paychecks.

While salaries differ from country-to-country IT professionals tend to earn high-end salaries compared to other job sectors in their respective country/region. United states is a good indicator regarding the matter with IT pros earning up to $120,000 a year (€100,000).

As an ever developing occupation that constantly requires continuous learning and skills upgrades, there are a lot of growth opportunities. Doing a good job and receiving promotions are just some of the ways to increase one’s salary. Whilst from the 60% of IT professionals who received raises in the past year, 37% was attributed to their job performance while the rest were because of a standard company increase or a promotion.

It is important to address the fact that the acquisition of new skills plays a major role in the career advancement as well as the maximizing of the earnings.

IT pros who learned new skills received up to $12,000 (€10,000) more to their annual salaries while IT professionals who obtained a new certification saw their salary go up to $13,000 (€10,800) more. This is proof that IT training and certifications pay off.

Taking everything in consideration, it is safe to assume that salaries among IT professionals are directly linked to their job performance. The more they work, they receive training and the more they produce results they are getting paid more.

Taking a closer look at salaries with respect to positions, on a global average, the salary of:

  • Non-management IT professionals was $80,510 (€67,000).
  • Mid-level IT managers was $79,180 (€65,800)
  • Senior IT professionals was $108,576 (€90,200)
  • IT executives was $143,387 (€119,000)

The overall global average for IT professionals in 2020 was $85,115 (€70,700). 

Another report also ranks IT software professionals in one of the top if not the Top industry in global salaries.

There are positions which pay a lot more than the average simply because of the demand, and IT professionals are not easy to find. More than 43% worldwide have a hard time of filling IT security jobs ranking the Cybersecurity professionals as the top one of the job roles which is hard to find talents for.

While all industries have been affected by the pandemic, IT sector is still expecting a growth in certain areas such as the cloud infrastructure and the Cybersecurity sector mostly because organizations are taking their operations online.

Seeing that the trend with salaries in 2020 continues in 2021, it is certain that IT professionals who keep updated and learn new skills, will have many opportunities to increase their salaries in the future.

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