MOS: Access 2016

Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Office by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in Access 2016.

Microsoft Office Certification proves that you have core to advanced skills in Microsoft Office applications. Certification is helpful for those new to the workforce or transitioning to a more analytical role, since it proves you can perform tasks at a higher level. This gives you a leg up against competing candidates.

Holding a MOS certification can earn an entry-level business employee as much as $16,000 more in annual salary than uncertified peers.*

* Anderson, Cushing, and John F. Gantz. Skills Requirements for Tomorrow’s Best Jobs: Helping Educators Provide Students with Skills and Tools They Need. IDC/Microsoft. October 2013

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Access 2016 - Part 1

Access 2016 - Part 2

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77-730: Access 2016: Core Database Management, Manipulation, and Query Skills

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MOS: Microsoft Access 2016

Microsoft Access koolitus

Meie Microsoft Accessi koolituste abil saavutate oma andmete üle kontrolli, et teha paremaid äriotsuseid.

Microsoft ACCESS alagajatele

Koolitus Algus Toimumiskoht Maksumus
Access 2019 - Part 1 02-12-2020 Tallinn
Access 2019 - Part 1 10-02-2021 Tallinn
Access 2016 - Part 1 07-12-2020 Tallinn
Access 2016 - Part 1 18-01-2021 Tallinn

Microsoft ACCESS edasijõudnutele

Koolitus Algus Toimumiskoht Maksumus
Access 2019 - Part 2 17-12-2020 Tallinn
Access 2019 - Part 2 18-02-2021 Tallinn
Access 2016 - Part 2 10-12-2020 Tallinn
Access 2016 - Part 2 04-02-2021 Tallinn

Microsoft Access Courses


Microsoft Access Training from New Horizons Estonia

Microsoft Access is relational database software that allows small teams and individuals to easily organize and report on business data.

Whether you’re new to Access or an advanced user, Microsoft Access training from New Horizons Estonia can accelerate your database management skills.

Learn the basics, such as how to create a database, navigate the Access application environment or organize data stored within Access tables. Or, graduate to more advanced skills like form customization, querying and sharing data across applications.

Regardless of your skill level and IT acumen, Microsoft Access courses at New Horizons Estonia will teach you how to:

  • Create, design and encrypt Access databases
  • Build and work with Access tables, relationships, keys and constraints
  • Query data
  • Manage and design interfaces with Access Forms
  • Produce basic to advanced reports
  • Automate tasks, procedures and functions with Macros and VBA
  • Customize Access configuration options

About Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a file-based desktop application that enables organizations to manage and leverage data. The relational database also includes tools that allow you to quickly build database-bound forms and reports.

Microsoft Access is an excellent alternative to client-server databases for individuals and small teams — both technical and non-technical. The user-friendly interface enables you to import and export data to other applications, use templates to create and publish data and effortlessly build and publish web databases.

Microsoft Access training from New Horizons Estonia will also help prepare you for a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Access Certification.

Ready to improve your database skills with Microsoft Access training?

Discover New Horizons Estonia Access training courses happening now.