Four Secrets of Passing Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam Revealed


The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam is one of the most challenging industry certification tests for systems administrators. A hands-on test, the Red Hat certification exam evaluates the ability of systems engineers to apply Linux system knowledge.

The RHCE is a solid stamp of approval that a system engineer knows what he or she is doing, making it a highly desired credential. For IT professionals studying for the RHCE exam, these study tips can help boost their chance of success.

  • Practice real-world skills – Because the RHCE exam is a hands-on test, it’s absolutely vital you develop the practical skills necessary to pass. Work with Linux and go beyond the knowledge you already employ for your work. The RHCE is very thorough and may test you on tasks that you don’t normally perform at work.
  • Time – Don’t expect to cram for a week and pass the RHCE. You need to give yourself several months to prepare for the RHCE exam.
  • Understand the whys – It’s not enough to memorize a few tasks for the Red Hat exam. The test is notorious for curveballs, so you really need to understand the whys behind various GNU/Linux tasks to adapt to variables in the test questions.
  • Get qualified training – Find a well-regarded Red Hat engineer training program that uses experienced IT professionals to help you hone the skills you need to successfully obtain your desired certification.
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Jul 2016

By: Kayla Tellers