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Six Sigma KnowledgeCenter

New Horizons' Six Sigma KnowledgeCenter enables hands-on learning, providing more than courses and books - it introduces an array of resources designed and chosen to challenge and motivate every learning on your team.

Six Sigma KnowledgeCenter * The Six Sigma KnowledgeCenter targets those employed or consulting with manufacturing and service companies who have a responsibility for the implementation of Six Sigma, and those personnel involved in Six Sigma projects in their organization. Regularly refreshed and providing access to a wide range of learning assets, such as Featured Topics, Job Aids, SkillBriefs, Books24x7 referenceware, and Learning Roadmaps, the Six Sigma KnowledgeCenter is equally suitable for use as a primer or as a means of ensuring ongoing expertise. Subject areas include the fundamental concepts of Six Sigma, lean manufacturing techniques and strategies, and what's involved in the various stages of the DMAIC process.

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What’s Included

  • Applying Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business
  • Basics of Hypothesis Testing and Tests for Means in Six Sigma
  • Capturing the Attention of Senior Executives
  • Common DFSS Methodologies, Design for X, and Robust Designs
  • Data Types, Sampling, Collection, and Measurement in Six Sigma
  • Designing, Conducting, and Analyzing Experiments in Six Sigma
  • Determining Process Performance and Capability in Six Sigma
  • Determining Requirements by Listening to the Voice of the Customer in Six Sigma
  • FMEA and Other Nonstatistical Analysis Methods in Six Sigma
  • Fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma and their Applications
  • Impact on Stakeholders and Benchmarking for Six Sigma
  • Inventory Management: Aligning Inventory with Production and Demand
  • Lean Improvement Methods and Implementation Planning in Six Sigma
  • Measuring and Modeling Relationships between Variables in Six Sigma
  • Mentoring Six Sigma KnowledgeCenter
  • Multivariate Tools and Nonparametric Tests in Six Sigma
  • Operations Management Functions and Strategies
  • Optimizing Operations Using Demand Forecasting and Capacity Management
  • Probability and Probability Distributions in Six Sigma
  • Process Flow Metrics and Analysis Tools for Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Business Case, Project Charter, and Tools
  • Six Sigma Measurement Systems and Metrology
  • Six Sigma Project Selection, Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Six Sigma Strategic Planning and Deployment
  • Six Sigma Team Dynamics and Training
  • Six Sigma Team Dynamics, Roles, and Success Factors
  • Six Sigma Team Facilitation and Leadership
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Control Charts in Six Sigma
  • Strategic Product and Service Management
  • Supply Chain Management Basics: Cutting Costs and Optimizing Delivery
  • Sustaining Six Sigma Improvements
  • TestPrep Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB)
  • Tests for Variances and Proportions, ANOVA, and Goodness-of-fit in Six Sigma
  • Understanding DOE and Planning Experiments in Six Sigma
  • Using Basic Statistics and Graphical Methods in Six Sigma
  • Using Business and Financial Measures in Six Sigma
  • Using Lean Control Tools and Maintaining Controls in Six Sigma
  • Using Lean to Improve Flow and Pull
  • Using Lean to Perfect Organizational Processes
  • Using Lean to Reduce Waste and Streamline Value Flow

Online ANYTIME Testimonial

I am really enjoying the class learning about the new features in Server 2008. I enjoy the hands on element of the virtual labs and your very flexible method of instruction. Being able to ask questions at any time is a great thing IMO.

Thanks for the class and I will definitely push my Dept for more training dollars to take more classes.
Charlie P.