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Our training webinars cover the latest topics in the industry including IT training, information security, graphics and design, business skills, and office productivity. With new topics every month, there’s something for everyone.

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Building Cyber Resilience in One Day

DATE:  03/24/2021

PRESENTER:  Roy Zur, CEO, Cybint Solutions

All too often cyber attackers find it easier to influence and engage with us and our staff. The fact is that the majority of successful cyber-attacks succeed because of human error - cyber resilience is fundamentally a human and not just a technology issue. We need to change behaviors, providing the simple, practical guidance that is needed to make the right decisions at the right time. Cybint Essentials is a certified training and beyond awareness learning designed to put people at the center of cyber resilience strategy. Are you and your employees your most effective defense to cyber-attacks?

This informative webinar, given by Roy Zur, Cybint CEO and Founder, will guide you on embedding and sustaining the behavior change required individually and across the organization for effective cyber defense, understanding cyber threats, avoidance of common malicious scams and keeping accounts and credentials safe.

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Tags: Cybersecurity

Microsoft Excel: Mastering Data Analytics Tools

DATE:  03/10/2021

PRESENTER:  Mike Martin, New Horizons Instructor

If you enjoyed part one of our three-part Microsoft Excel webinar series, get ready for part two!

The second part of the series explores how to use tools to analyze your data in Excel. Join our complimentary session, “Microsoft Excel: Mastering Data Analytics Tools”, on March 10th at 9am PST/12pm EST. New Horizons Instructor Mike Martin will go in depth on how to load the Analysis ToolPak in Excel, how to use Flash Fill to your advantage and how to create data tables.

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Tags: Microsoft Office|Excel

Leadership & Development - Agile Troubleshooting Amid Upheaval

DATE:  03/09/2021

PRESENTER:  Hanna Bauer, Zig Ziglar Certified Speaker

An evolution of solutions is needed to meet the requirements of complex projects in a continuous changing environment. Communication across your cross-functional teams is now at the forefront. What do you do when the outcome is no longer dependent on methodology and subject matter expertise?

In this webinar, Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker Hanna Bauer will walk through the leadership lens to proactively:

  • Troubleshoot in Real Time
  • Gain and Maintain Perspective
  • Leverage Analysis Competencies
  • Promote and Enable Focus

Leaders lead; will you?

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Tags: Leadership and Professional Development

Demystifying AWS Compute Choices

DATE:  02/24/2021

PRESENTER:  Shawn Bolan, New Horizons Instructor

In this webinar we will discover the different options that Amazon Web Services provides for compute services. If you have been unclear about the choice between running an application in the cloud in a Virtual Machine vs. a Container vs. a Serverless app, then this webinar is for you.

Join New Horizons instructor Shawn Bolan as he discusses AWS technologies including EC2, Elastic Container Services, Elastic Kubernetes Service and AWS Lambda. The webinar will also discuss application development architecture such as microservices and options for moving applications to the cloud.

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Tags: Vendor Technical|AWS

Microsoft Excel: Safeguard Your Data

DATE:  02/10/2021

PRESENTER:  Mike Martin, New Horizons Instructor

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used applications when it comes to analyzing data and working with data analysis tools like Power BI. We’re excited to present a three-part Microsoft Excel webinar series that explores best practices when it comes to data and Excel.

The first part of the series explores how to validate and provide your data. Join our complimentary session, “Microsoft Excel: Safeguard Your Data,” on February 10th at 9am PST/12pm EST. New Horizons Instructor Mike Martin will walk through the basics of working with clean data, validating your data and safeguarding your data sets, formulas, worksheets and working files.

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Tags: Microsoft Office|Excel

Leadership & Development - Difficult Conversations: Finding Your Way Through With Connection

DATE:  02/09/2021

PRESENTER:  Toni Cooper, Zig Ziglar Certified Speaker

We all get caught up in our own ego or feelings and can find it difficult to empathize with and understand the person we are communicating with. It’s important to understand communication and understand that everyone communicates and listens differently. Having a clear understanding of what your team needs; whether they are a team contributor leading tasks and projects, a team leader, or an executive leader; learning how to communicate with them ensures all conversations are elevated. Occasional disagreements are just a part of being human. If we are to experience more connection within our teams and organizations we have to be willing to be open to difference and other perspectives.

Join Toni Cooper, Zig Ziglar Certified Speaker, during this webinar as we will learn about communication in the following ways:

  • Understanding communication styles
  • Clarifying what the person is saying
  • Considering other perspectives
  • Understanding the other person’s attitude
  • Practicing Healthy assertiveness & setting boundaries

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    Tags: Leadership and Professional Development

Why Am I Seeing This Ad: Exploring the Secrets Behind AI & Algorithms

DATE:  01/28/2021

PRESENTER:  Ernesto Lee, Director of Emerging Technologies, Trivera Technologies

Join Trivera Techonologies' Ernesto Lee in this QuickSkills session to get a first look at the basics of Artificial Intelligence, how it works, and why AI is so invaluable to analytics and business practices in modern organizations, presented in a relevant, relatable way. We’ll demystify the common algorithms favored by tech giants like Facebook or YouTube used to track, analyze, and even predict your behavior. We’ll explore how they use this data and AI to point you in their desired direction, recommending things like which groups to join, which videos to watch next, what purchases to make, and even what friends to connect with. You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of the ‘secret-sauce’ behind how firms use algorithms, AI and machine learning to analyze your web activity, and then use that data to guide your possible next moves!

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Tags: Cloud|Big Data

A Hacker's Guide to Certification: CND, CEH and CPENT

DATE:  01/27/2021

PRESENTER:  Jeff Sage, Director, Channel, EC-Council; Christian Sanders, Partner Development Manager, EC-Council

The next big thing in Cybersecurity Skill Development is here.

Learn how to transition your Intermediate Network Security Strategies certificate gained in CNDv2 (Certified Network Defender) to the Core Ethical hacking lifecycle of CEHv.11, and advance your skills towards the CPENT with the ultimate Pentest methods learned within a defense grade cyber-range.

Join EC-Council's Jeff Sage and Christian Sanders during this webinar and gain a better understanding of how the most trusted ethical hacking certification in EC-Council’s core certification track can help you learn the latest hacking techniques to defend your network.

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Tags: Cybersecurity

Leadership & Development - Managing Change and Transition During Uncertain Times

DATE:  01/12/2021

PRESENTER:  LaTasha Sturdivant, Ph.D., Adult Learning and Development Expert

The unprecedented change and uncertainty throughout 2020 have left all of us continually seeking ways to manage transition. While many of us have been surviving this changing environment, how can we begin to thrive through the year ahead? How can we leverage our internal and external resources as we approach more transition? And, how do we support our teams in successfully approaching and navigating transitions?

Join Dr. LaTasha Sturdivant on this webinar to:

  • Differentiate change versus transition;
  • Learn strategies to identify where you and your team/staff is in the transition process; and
  • Discover key factors that help build capacity to thrive during transition.

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    Tags: Leadership and Professional Development

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Power Platform Certification

DATE:  12/17/2020

PRESENTER:  Nancy Tandy, GTM Lead for Business Applications, Microsoft

Now's the time to come together and adapt to meet today's challenges by bringing your customers and business together…all with Microsoft Power Platform. Built to be an intelligent business application, this robust tool helps you analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents.

If you’re looking for the right learning path or ways to give your career the upgrade it needs to adapt in today’s modern workforce, join Nancy Tandy, Microsoft GTM Lead for Business Applications, to learn more about the Power Platform Certification. To become a Power Platform certified IT professional, you need to understand the Power Platform's core capabilities – from business value and core product capabilities, to building a simple Power Apps canvas app and connecting data sources.

Other Key Objectives:

  • Learning how to automate basic business processes with Power Automate
  • Creating a Power BI dashboard
  • Creating powerful chatbots with Power Virtual Agents
  • Understanding Power Platform from a holistic point of view
  • And more!

In addition to learning about Power Platform and its certifications, you’ll hear firsthand how learning and the power of certification helped a young South African man build up his community. From using his skills to build a Power Platform world for his peers to seeing how this certification impacted him directly, you’ll be inspired to discover what training and certification can do for you.

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Tags: Microsoft Technical|Dynamics CRM

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