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New Horizons free training webinars are a great opportunity to see the real value the latest technologies can bring to your organization—whether you’re a business decision maker, training professional, developer, engineer or project manager.

Our training webinars cover the latest topics in the industry including IT training, information security, graphics and design, business skills, and office productivity. With new topics every month, there’s something for everyone.

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The Value of Certification: Microsoft Azure & Security

DATE:  06/16/2021

PRESENTER:  Julie-Anne Arsenault, Director of Go to Market, Worldwide Learning, Microsoft

Every company is becoming a technology company – whether tech is in their mission or it enables the mission, every company is finding that they need to be working in new ways. In a world of “tech intensity,” a future we are quickly approaching, being able to use existing technology to create new technology requires advanced skills and training.

During the one-hour session with Julie-Anne Arsenault, Director of Go to Marketing, Worldwide Learning for Microsoft, you’ll learn the three pillars of tech intensity, the importance of training and building a learning culture, and why certifications benefit your business.

Other key takeaways:

  • How innovation can allow you to gain a competitive advantage
  • Why building a learning culture is important including investing in training for your teams and rewarding employees that invest in their learning
  • Why prioritizing certifications in hiring and recruiting is key in keeping talent and benefiting the business
  • How IT certifications can help save time and resources when evaluating new candidates

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Tags: Microsoft Technical|Azure|Cybersecurity

Leadership & Development - Talent Management: Training to Stay Competitive

DATE:  06/08/2021

PRESENTER:  Jeremy Gray, Executive Leadership Coach

Finding talent is not a question of luck for great organizations – it is the result of carefully planned nurturing and training. According to a recent Gallup survey, 87% of millennials state that professional growth and career development are very important to them in the organizations they chose to work for.

Join Jeremy Gray for this hour-long webinar focusing on understanding how to retain top talent and prepare that talent for leadership roles, highlighting the value of training, what the next level leader is looking for, and how to foster a culture of talent in your organization.

  • Identify what priorities the new workforce desires
  • Develop an understanding of investing in the modern talent pool
  • Shifting from a generation focus to a growth focus
  • How to equip your staff with leadership growth opportunities

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Tags: Leadership and Professional Development

Windows 10: What Every Business Should Know

DATE:  06/03/2021

PRESENTER:  Bob Krone, New Horizons Instructor

Over the last five years, Microsoft Windows has changed as needs of businesses and the digital transformation has rapidly expanded. Do you know what the changes are?

Join our complimentary webinar, “Windows 10: What Every Business Should Know,” with New Horizons instructor Bob Krone on June 3rd. During the hour-long session, you’ll get an overview of key improvements, changes and new features that could improve productivity for you and your team.

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Tags: Microsoft Technical

Introduction to PowerShell

DATE:  06/01/2021

PRESENTER:  Bob Krone, New Horizons Instructor

PowerShell is a critical tool for IT personnel in many job roles, across a broad spectrum of different technologies; but many have not used it, may not understand it, or avoid using it with:

  • Client & Server programs: Windows 10, Windows Server, and Linux.
  • On Premises/Private Cloud: Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server, Endpoint Configuration Manager (formally SCCM) and more!
  • Public Cloud: Microsoft 365 [Online versions of SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, Azure Active Directory, Intune/Endpoint Manager, Yammer and more], Azure services, Dynamics 365, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Citrix and many more!

In this webinar, New Horizons Instructor Bob Krone will introduce some PowerShell fundamentals to help give you a kickstart into the world of PowerShell. After this, there are many ways to continue building your skills with PowerShell.

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Tags: Microsoft Technical

Analyzing Data with PowerBI

DATE:  05/25/2021

PRESENTER:  Mike Martin, New Horizons Instructor

In the world of modern business, the demand for data and data visualization continues to be in demand. But how do you get the data into something that lets you visualize and share insights?

Take a deep dive on our upcoming webinar, “Analyzing Data with PowerBI,” on May 25th at 9am PT/12pm ET. Join New Horizons instructor Mike Martin as he demonstrates how to connect hundreds of data sources together and bring the data to life.

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Tags: Microsoft Office|Excel

Leadership & Development - Leading Change & Maintaining Emotional Intelligence

DATE:  05/11/2021

PRESENTER:  Erin Cambier, Executive Leadership Coach

The only thing constant in life is change. The most successful businesses, professionals, and leaders, learn to thrive through even the most complex adversities. This webinar will uncover the power of emotional intelligence and challenge you to take your self-awareness (and overall performance) to the next level as you adapt and grow through change. Elevating your emotional intelligence will help you create an organizational culture that embraces change. Navigating remote and in person interaction requires an intentional lens of awareness.

During this engaging webinar, Executive Coach Erin Cambier will discuss:

  • Why emotional intelligence skills are key to successfully navigating change
  • Specific ways to leverage your emotional intelligence to improve your performance (and your teams' performance too!)
  • Strategies you can utilize right away to help you better self-regulate through fast-paced change and high stress situations

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Tags: Leadership and Professional Development

Microsoft Excel 1: Data Analysis Fundamentals

DATE:  05/04/2021

PRESENTER:  Mike Martin, New Horizons Instructor

Did you know that the first step in analyzing data is preparing your data properly? For example, when you’re using sales data to present map visuals, how you gather, prepare and create those data maps makes a huge difference when showcasing and exploring sales data.

From loading Analysis Toolpaks to using Flash Fill, join our first Excel webinar this month, “Microsoft Excel 1: Data Analysis Fundamentals,” with New Horizons instructor Mike Martin. During this one-hour session, Mike was walk through the process of building a data map visual and discuss how to understand our data better.

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Tags: Microsoft Office|Excel

Leadership & Development - The Cracks on the Wall

DATE:  04/13/2021

PRESENTER:  Valeria Grunbaum, Author, Speaker, Center for Leadership and Development Facilitator

Ever feel like you've hit a wall? Of course you have. When things don't go your way, when you find yourself in moments of crisis staring down the number of obstacles in your path, the natural reaction is to go into survival mode. We have all been there and we will all be there again and again. The question is how do you want to handle survival mode? Do you prefer to suffer and stall? Or do you want to harness the skills to thrive and transform those moments of crisis into instances of opportunity?

In this session with author and Certified Trainer Valeria Grunbaum, we will talk about:

  • Seeing beyond what we have in front of us
  • Expanding our perspective so we can find opportunity
  • Finding 6 things to sharpen our focus in crisis

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Tags: Leadership and Professional Development

Building Cyber Resilience in One Day

DATE:  03/24/2021

PRESENTER:  Roy Zur, CEO, Cybint Solutions

All too often cyber attackers find it easier to influence and engage with us and our staff. The fact is that the majority of successful cyber-attacks succeed because of human error - cyber resilience is fundamentally a human and not just a technology issue. We need to change behaviors, providing the simple, practical guidance that is needed to make the right decisions at the right time. Cybint Essentials is a certified training and beyond awareness learning designed to put people at the center of cyber resilience strategy. Are you and your employees your most effective defense to cyber-attacks?

This informative webinar, given by Roy Zur, Cybint CEO and Founder, will guide you on embedding and sustaining the behavior change required individually and across the organization for effective cyber defense, understanding cyber threats, avoidance of common malicious scams and keeping accounts and credentials safe.

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Tags: Cybersecurity

Microsoft Excel: Mastering Data Analytics Tools

DATE:  03/10/2021

PRESENTER:  Mike Martin, New Horizons Instructor

If you enjoyed part one of our three-part Microsoft Excel webinar series, get ready for part two!

The second part of the series explores how to use tools to analyze your data in Excel. Join our complimentary session, “Microsoft Excel: Mastering Data Analytics Tools”, on March 10th at 9am PST/12pm EST. New Horizons Instructor Mike Martin will go in depth on how to load the Analysis ToolPak in Excel, how to use Flash Fill to your advantage and how to create data tables.

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Tags: Microsoft Office|Excel

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