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Showing Category: Office 365

Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Tackling Today’s Remote Network Infrastructure with Microsoft 365 Training and Certifications for Teams and Security

DATE:  10/29/2020

PRESENTER:  Brandon Neeb, Microsoft Security Content Expert

Did you know that according to the 2018 Norton Insight Report, 24B or more internet-connected devices will be installed globally by 2020? Cybersecurity plays a role in almost all aspects of our everyday lives, both personal and professional, by keeping crucial systems up and running.

This webinar session is designed for people interested in Microsoft 365 certifications, specifically, a couple of our newest in Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator and Microsoft 365 Security Administrator. Microsoft’s security content expert, Brandon Neeb, will share an overview of the topics covered in the exams in a fast-paced format, as well as provide some valuable test taking techniques. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the technical concepts covered in the exam, how Microsoft certification works, and an exhaustive look at resources available for exam preparation.

About our speaker: Brandon Neeb is responsible for Microsoft 365 security and compliance job-role certification and supporting content. He has built and managed a wide range of Microsoft certifications and instructor-led training content for nearly 20 years.

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