Complete all the pieces to your training needs with a coupon package from New Horizons.

What is included?

What is included?

Coupons from New Horizons offers you the ability to get yourself or your team fully skilled on training topics like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Zoom, Cybersecurity, Workplace Skills, and even Microsoft Tech and CompTIA (for IT Teams) at a discounted rate with greater registration flexibility. Read more below and contact us to find out which coupon package would fit your needs best.

Tiered Plans and Pricing

Tiered Plans and Pricing

We have packages for individual, team, and corporate. Ask us about these solutions and what is included in each.

Example Scenarios

Single User

Single User

You are looking to brush up on your skills and would like to train in a few different areas. You only have a set amount approved for your training and are only allowed one training request per year. Purchasing a coupon package could help you get all the training you need in one single request and at a discounted rate to stay within your approval amount. You also get the flexibility of scheduling over the whole year as to not miss too much work at once!



You have a team of professionals who all have unique skills gaps and areas of training interest. You want to provide them the opportunity to take courses to grow their skillsets. Purchasing a coupon package gives you flexibility to let them enroll into the courses they each need over the course of 12 months and save money on the overall cost. You only have to submit one approval to finance and your New Horizon's account manager works with your team on scheduling making the process easy for you!

What is a New Horizons coupon?

A pre-purchased training credit at a discounted rate that can be applied to a future course.

What can the coupons be used for?

We have three coupon package options: Microsoft Applications (includes Zoom + Cybersafe), Workplace Skills, and Microsoft Tech/CompTIA (for IT Teams). Contact us directly to discuss what courses can be included at this time in each coupon package, pricing, and which best suits your training needs.

What are the benefits of coupons vs traditional purchase methods?

  • Coupons allow you to purchase your training at a discounted rate, giving you more courses for your approved budget.
  • Purchasing a coupon package allows you to allot your training funds up front, meaning only one approval required for multiple courses and simpler purchase process.
  • Your assigned Account Manager will manage your coupons for you providing updates on usage, recommending available course dates, and can even handle all the communication/scheduling with users to take work off your plate!
  • Need more coupons? You can add additional coupons to your package at your same discounted rate within your 12 months vs having to buy add on training needs at list price.

How long are coupons good for?

You have a full 12 months to redeem all your coupons!

How many coupons are required for purchase?

Coupon packages start at a minimum of 6 coupons/courses and go up indefinitely from there to match your needs. The more coupons you purchase the greater the discount is off each one.

What is the cost?

The price depends on what coupon package you are interested in and how many coupons you need. Contact us directly for accurate pricing and savings comparisons.

Terms And Conditions

Coupons can be used towards New Horizons at Logical Operations locally scheduled courses only.

Coupons are good for 12 months from purchase and must be used before then.

Coupons are final sale.

Contact us directly for current coupon rates.