Private Training

Benefits of Private Classes at New Horizons Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany

Private Classes are the ideal option for teams and organizations with specific training and development challenges affecting an entire group or department. It's also the most effective way to ensure all your employees learn the same concepts and techniques – simultaneously and consistently. With four convenient, fully equipped locations in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany, rest assured that New Horizons at Logical Operations can find the best learning solution to meet your organization's needs. 

Private Class Options and Details

Choose a Convenient Location – including a Virtual Class!

Choose an option that is convenient for you. 

  • Class at New Horizons @ Logical Operations:

    Utilize the modern classroom setting at any of our New Horizons at Logical Operations training centers which allow you to escape the distractions of the office and immerse yourself in fully in the content of the class. PCs at our training centers all use Windows 10 operating systems. Not on Windows 10 yet? Don’t worry! Our instructors are very experienced at helping those unfamiliar with Windows 10 get right into their software for class.
  • Class at Your Location: 

    Conduct class at your site! Of course, there are many details to review in order to plan a successful event (arrival logistics, software licensing, PC configuration, Internet connectivity, and more), but our Sales and Operations group will help with those details as we move through the event scheduling process. Don't have PCs available for employees to use during the session? We offer a laptop rentals for an additional charge. 
  • Virtual Class: 

    Reach employees in multiple locations and/or avoid having staff out of office by scheduling a virtual instructor-led private course! For virtual instructor-led courses, students interact with the trainer and other students through our Adobe Connect platform that is accessible within our LMS. All class audio is VoIP only.  Webcams are great to have, but are not required by our trainers. And if your employees don’t have headsets or built-in audio/speakerphone capabilities on their PCs, we can help provide headsets for a small charge. We typically recommend dual monitor workstations and hard-line Internet connections for a successful virtual class experience.

Customize Your Training Solutions

Maximize the impact of your private classes. At New Horizons at Logical Operations, we offer three levels of customization for private class deliveries: 

  • Re-Organized Class Delivery: Re-organize outline for private class event to feature content from multiple classes (usually can be accomplished without a pre-class phone call). No additional cost for this option.
  • Tailored Class Delivery: Pre-class phone call with key decision maker and our assigned trainer to understand your employee needs and overall training objectives, and account for those items in the delivery of our class material (ensuring it is as applicable as possible to your organization). No additional cost for this option 
  • Customized Course Delivery: Creating new content or utilizing company data-sets within the class itself (an option available after a pre-class phone call and with an additional cost) 
  • Open-lab option: Often, clients will want to apply the concepts learned in class against their own data sets, with the guidance of our instructor. In this situation, we recommend purchasing an additional day of training (at the same per day cost as the original class itself). 

Build Your Team’s Potential

Private Classes accelerate the learning process. When you train your team in private groups, it unifies their learning experience, ensuring everyone gets the same skills and knowledge. Participants are encouraged to engage with each other through training activities, which can aide in comprehension as well as the confidence and ability to immediately apply what they’ve learned.


Lower Your Training Costs

The costs associated with group training are often significantly less per student than for individuals attending publicly-available classes. Reduce or even eliminate travel costs as well as time away from the office by hosting a Private Class at your location. You will save time and improve efficiency a well as reduce employee turnover by providing staff training.