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Microsoft PowerPoint Training and Certification

Microsoft PowerPoint Training and Certification

Benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Microsoft PowerPoint is an important tool in the corporate world. You may use it to create, modify, view, present, and share slideshows.

New Horizons offers PowerPoint training for people with all levels of expertise. Know the fundamentals, such as utilizing templates and where to put your content, or improve your skills by learning how to make bespoke slides with complex transitions and animations.

Simple Yet Sophisticated

No other presentation software compares to PowerPoint in terms of functionality, effects, and animations.

Easy to Convert and Share

You can easily convert a presentation into any popular format.

Always Updated and Reliable

PowerPoint continues with modern requirements, connects seamlessly with popular web services and social media, and allows you to create exquisite presentations.

The Cornerstone of E-Learning

PowerPoint may enhance the teaching and learning experience for both professionals and students when used correctly. It encourages and supports individuals by allowing them to structure a presentation professionally.

Ample Template Library

A PowerPoint template has a pattern for a single presentation or a group of slides that you can save. Users may create their presentation templates, store, reuse, and share them with other presenters.

Easy Access to Guidelines and Instructions

PowerPoint has a large user community that includes both amateurs and experts from many fields. Free of charge,, bloggers, and presentation experts are available to answer your questions and make recommendations.

Scalable functionality

PowerPoint is a highly adaptable program that integrates with a wide range of third-party applications. Many of them are free and help in the creation and sharing of interactive web videos. You may add attractive timelines and charts to your presentation directly in the interface with other tools.

Microsoft PowerPoint Courses

New Horizons has PowerPoint classes for any experience level. Learn the basics like template use and content placement, or up your skills by learning how to create custom slides with advanced transitions and animations.

PowerPoint classes cover a variety of topics, including:

  • New PowerPoint features
  • How to create engaging multimedia presentations with PowerPoint
  • Formatting and organizing PowerPoint slides
  • Working with graphics, tables, and charts
  • Adding multimedia and SmartArt presentations
  • Integrating with Microsoft Office file

Ready to take the next step in developing your PowerPoint proficiency?