Introduction to Premiere Pro

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Course Overview

In this three-day course, you’ll get a thorough overview of the interface, tools, features, and production flow for Premiere Pro CC. The course is an ideal combination of instructor-led demonstration and hands-on practice to introduce you to Adobe Premiere Pro software, a revolutionary 64-bit nonlinear video-editing application. You will learn powerful real-time video and audio editing tools that give you precise control over virtually every aspect of your production.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who'd like to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC
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Course Prerequisites

  • Practical working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows
  • Basic knowledge of editing terminology is highly recommended


Lesson 1: Touring Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Performing Nonlinear Editing in Premiere Pro
  • Expanding the Workflow
  • Touring the Premiere Pro Interface
  • Hands on: Edit Your First Video
  • Using and Setting Keyboard Shortcuts

Lesson 2: Setting up a Project

  • Creating a Project
  • Setting up a Sequence
  • Explore the Project Settings

Lesson 3: Importing Media

  • Importing Media Files
  • Working with Ingest Options and Proxy Media
  • Working with the Media Browser Panel
  • Importing Still Image Files
  • Using Adobe Stock
  • Customizing the Media Cache
  • Recording a Voice-Over

Lesson 4: Organizing Media

  • Using the Project Panel
  • Working with Bins
  • Reviewing Footage
  • Freeform View
  • Modifying Clips

Lesson 5: Mastering the Essentials of Video Editing

  • Using the Source Monitor
  • Navigating the Timeline Panel
  • Using Essential Editing Commands
  • Performing Storyboard-Style Editing
  • Using the Program Monitor Editing Mode

Lesson 6: Working with Clips and Markers

  • Using the Program Monitor Controls
  • Setting the Playback Resolution
  • Playing Back VR Video
  • Using Markers
  • Using Sync Lock and Track Lock
  • Finding Gaps in the Sequence
  • Selecting Clips
  • Moving Clips
  • Extracting and Deleting Segments

Lesson 7: Adding Transitions

  • What are Transitions?
  • Using Handles
  • Adding Video Transitions
  • Using A/B Mode to Fine-Tune a Transition
  • Adding Audio Transitions

Lesson 8: Mastering Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Performing a four-point edit
  • Changing Clip Playback Speed
  • Replacing Clips and Media
  • Nesting Sequences
  • Performing Regular Trimming
  • Performing Advanced Trimming
  • Trimming in the Program Monitor
  • Using Scene Edit Detection

Lesson 9: Editing and Mixing Audio

  • Setting up the Interface to Work with Audio
  • Examining Audio Characteristics
  • Recording a Voice-Over Track
  • Adjusting Audio Volume
  • Auto-Duck Music
  • Creating a Split Edit
  • Adjusting Audio Levels for a Clip

Lesson 10: Adding Video Effects

  • Working with Visual Effects
  • Applying Master Clip Effects
  • Masking and Tracking Visual Effects
  • Keyframing Effects
  • Using Effect Presets
  • Exploring Frequently Used Effects
  • Using the Render And Replace Command

Lesson 11: Applying Color Correction and Grading

  • Understanding Display Color Management
  • Following the Color Adjustment Workflow
  • Using Comparison View
  • Matching Colors
  • Exploring the Color-Adjustment Effects
  • Fixing Exposure Problems
  • Correcting Color Offset
  • Using Special Color Effects
  • Creating a Distinctive Look

Lesson 12: Exploring Compositing Techniques

  • What is an Alpha Channel?
  • Making Compositing Part of Your Project
  • Working with the Opacity Effect
  • Adjusting Alpha Channel
  • Transparencies
  • Color Keying a Greenscreen Shot
  • Partially Masking Clips

Lesson 13: Creating New Graphics

  • Exploring the Essential Graphics Panel
  • Mastering Video Typography Essentials
  • Creating New Titles
  • Text Styles
  • Working with Shapes and Logos
  • Making a Title Roll
  • Working with Motion Graphics Templates
  • Adding Captions

Lesson 14: Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences

  • Understanding the Media Export Options
  • Using Quick Export
  • Exporting Single Frames
  • Exporting a Master Copy
  • Working with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adjusting Export Settings in the Media Encoder
  • Uploading to Social Media
  • HDR Export
  • Exchanging with Other Editing Applications

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