Illinois’ Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program

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Get Reimbursed for Training with the Illinois Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program.

Illinois' IWT Program is a training reimbursement opportunity through the State of Illinois for employers to partner with New Horizons.

  • The IWT is a state-wide effort to upskill current employees, increase employee skills for potential promotions or salary increases and/or avert potential layoffs.
  • Businesses who submit successful applications can be reimbursed up to 100% per incumbent worker.
  • Companies with training project plans that yield documented industry-recognized certifications or credentials will be given preference over other applications.

Next Steps

  1. Review the following list of approved subject matter areas to find the one that's right for you.
  2. Contact your New Horizons representative, or fill out our form, to get further details on the IWT Program.
  3. Your New Horizons representative will assist you in the application process and create your training Project Plan based on your needs.
  4. Submit your training Project Plan to Illinois WorkNet.
  5. Get trained, certified, and reimbursed!

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Eligible Courses