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The Center for Leadership & Development (CLD) has been designed to enhance today’s work culture by turning professional roadblocks into relevant solutions. Our Engage the Group, Connect to the Individual Approach in facilitation not only supports your company’s “Return on Investment” but also a “Return on Impact” for today and tomorrow’s leaders. Our world-class facilitators and our holistic workshops empower your team to build actionable takeaways to practice. The wide range of courses are designed to inspire you to exceed beyond your specific development goals, build on your personal strengths, and solidify your knowledge in ways that will drive the future success of your business.

Our Professional Development workshops are divided into four distinct categories: Internal and External Awareness, Emerging and New Leadership, Organization and Delivery, and Strategic Leadership.


Internal and External Awareness

Understanding Behaviors & Personalities with DISC

One of DISC’s most intriguing applications is leveraging behavioral identification and adaptability. This workshop will guide you on the path of heightened self-awareness and personal discovery.

2 Days | $1595 USD

Mastering Meaningful Engagement

In this course, you will learn how to authentically engage others, build a more purposeful message that resonates, and learn the strategies to gain stronger engagement and input back from the people you work with.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Building Successful Work Relationships

This workshop will help you develop relationship building skills so you can communicate who you are, what you need, and why you need it in a way that builds trust, respect, and a professional reputation.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Constructive Conflict Management

In this course, students will learn to recognize the warning signs that precede quarrels and how to mitigate their impact, as well as constructive ways to harness the differences between team members and shift them toward productive, positive outcomes.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence

The activities and discussions in this workshop will help you build the social and emotional skills that sustain positive relationships at work.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Navigating The Modern Workforce - Diversity, Culture, Generations

In this course, students will learn how to capitalize on the strengths of your diverse team while directing and guiding them to even greater achievements.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Providing Outstanding Customer Service

This course offers practical tools and techniques to win clients, create loyal advocates for your business, and deliver excellent customer service.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Developing Successful Interpersonal Skills

This course will prepare students for the collaborative situations inherent in every facet of business, whether working with colleagues, partners, vendors, or clients.

1 Day | $795 USD

Implementing Mindfulness

This course provides evidence-based techniques that address your mental wellbeing from the inside out.

1 Day | $795 USD

Navigating Difficult Conversations

This course provides a framework and techniques to help develop actions when facing difficult conversations.

1 Day | $795 USD

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Emerging and New Leadership

Evolving into the Manager Role

In this course, students will learn how to confidently acquire and build these skills through relevant discussions, team and individual activities.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Transitioning into Leadership for an IT Manager

This course will teach students the skills and behaviors needed to successfully transition into an IT manager role.

3 Days | $2250 USD

Mastering Positive Assertiveness

In this course, students will discover the best techniques to be properly assertive, and what are the ideal approaches in differing situations.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Discovering Your Leadership Voice

Leaders inspire followership in others. Whether speaking conversationally or presenting before a group, a powerful leadership message delivered with impact and focused on the needs of the audience, can motivate and energize others.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Extending Your Sphere of Influence

In this course, you will learn to become proficient in the art of persuasion, selecting and utilizing appropriate styles and strategies to have the most influential effect, as well as understanding how to protect yourself from being manipulated by others.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Strategic Negotiation Skills

Students will learn the essential strategies and techniques needed to guide negotiations from opening discussions through to a positive result.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Accomplishing the Results You Want

In this workshop, you will learn how to find and strengthen your leadership voice and foster employee buy-in to exceed expectations while achieving the most positive outcome.

1 Day |$795 USD

Negotiation Skills

This course provides essential tips on how to prepare for negotiation, including managing emotions and understanding what all parties contribute to the process.

1 Day | $795 USD

Organization and Delivery

Making the Right Decisions Under Pressure

In this course, students will learn to evaluate options, generate possible solutions, and decide on logical strategies.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Managing Remote and Virtual Teams

This workshop will teach you to adjust your management style to successfully improve communication, foster connections, increase productivity, and develop remote and virtual teams.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Prioritizing Your Time Effectively

Students will acquire time management tools and decision-making techniques to help focus on purpose and achieve your goals, balancing the needs of both business and personal life.

2 Days | $1195 USD

The Art of Effective Presentations

In this course, you will learn strategies to structure and develop presentation content focused on audience need and key points, identifying the areas in which you are most polished, as well as picking up hints and tips to address any gaps.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Thinking with Critical Insight

Students will learn to explore challenges, defy incorrect assumptions, and look at things with new and differing perspectives, incorporating these insights into your thought processes, and enabling them to find solutions to even the most difficult tasks.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Writing for the Business Professional

In this course, you will learn the essential skills needed to organize your thoughts and select the best words and phrases to clearly convey them in writing.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Building Better Business Cases

Through this course, you will learn a repeatable process that starts with identifying business needs and ends with a strong business case. You will learn and practice applying each step in a 5-part approach to developing business cases.

1 Day | $795 USD

Business Acumen For Leaders

Students will learn to understand the mechanics of the organization – reading and interpreting financials, making sound business decisions, and setting a course – while also developing the skills to guide and direct your workforce.

1 Day | $795 USD

Streamlining Your Daily Workflow

This course is for those interested in improving their daily productivity and finding ways to get more done without requiring more time.

1 Day | $795 USD

Foundations of Public Speaking

In this course, you will discover the mindset, tools, and tactics to make you effective as a public speaker in any context for any purpose.

1 Day | $795 USD

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Strategic Leadership

Change Management Foundation

Dealing with change and more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organizations.

3 Days | $2000 USD

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) Training

The Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) training and certification course will provide you with a foundational understanding of business relationship management (BRM).

3 Days | $1995 USD

Becoming a Transformational Leader

This course will help students develop authentic leadership qualities that motivate and drive others to reach their full potential, and become the transformational leaders of the future.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Change Management Practitioner

Dealing with change and more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organizations.

2 Days | $1500 USD

Communicating Across Your Organization

The activities and discussions in this workshop will help you identify the essential elements of effective communications within your organization and develop communication strategies that harness both interpersonal and organizational awareness.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Critical Facilitation Skills for Leaders

Students will learn how to develop and apply facilitation techniques to support their team at every stage of the team life cycle.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Effective Leadership through Coaching

This course will help you develop coaching skills that motivate employees to reach their full potential.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Leadership Excellence for Senior Management

To maximize performance and foster a healthy environment, senior managers must also motivate others, nurturing and utilizing the distinctive skills of each team member.

2 Days | $1195 USD

Facilitation Skills Workshop

The ability to keep the group on task to achieve the goal is the value a good facilitator brings to an organization.

1 Day | $795 USD

Organizational Change Management

Organizational change management (OCM) is about the people side of change – helping them let go of old practices and embrace the new.

1 Day | $795 USD

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