Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (Exam MS-101) - Intermediate

5 Hours, 40 Minutes


Delivery Method

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Course Overview

This course will cover topics from the Microsoft MS-101 exam, which measures a student’s ability to accomplish the following technical and administrative tasks: Identify threat vectors; use Secure Score; configure Azure Identity Protection; configure Exchange online protection; implement modern device services; implement Microsoft 365 security and threat management; and manage Microsoft 365 governance and compliance.

Course Objectives

Introduction , Identifying Threat Vectors , Using Secure Score , Configuring Azure Identity Protection , Exchange Online Protection , Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence , Microsoft Data Governance , Security and Compliance , Managing Search and Investigation , Planning for Device Management , Windows 10 Deployment Strategy , Conclusion , Implementing Mobile Device Management

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.


1 - Introduction

  • Introduction

2 - Identifying Threat Vectors

  • Today's Threat Landscape
  • What is Spoofing?
  • What is Phishing?
  • How Do Spam and Malware Cause Harm?
  • How Do Account Breaches Cause Harm?
  • Data Exfiltration, Deletion and Spillage

3 - Using Secure Score

  • What is a Secure Score?
  • Using the Secure Score Dashboard and Analyzer
  • Increasing Your Security Posture

4 - Configuring Azure Identity Protection

  • What is Azure Identity Protection?
  • Activating Azure Identity Protection
  • Configuring Azure Identity Protection
  • Configuring Alerts and Investigation
  • Setting Exclusions

5 - Exchange Online Protection

  • What is Exchange Online Protection?
  • Understanding Zero Hour Auto Purge
  • Spoofing and Phishing Protection
  • Configuring with Exchange AntiSpam
  • Configuring Exchange AntiMalware
  • Creating a Safe Attachment Policy
  • Creating a Transport Rule to Bypass Safe Attachments
  • Creating a Safe Links Policy
  • Creating a Transport Rule to Bypass Safe Links
  • Monitoring and Reporting

6 - Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence

  • Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph
  • Working with the Security Dashboard
  • Viewing the Threat Explorer
  • What is Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics?
  • Configuring ATA
  • Managing ATA

7 - Microsoft Data Governance

  • In-Place Archive in Exchange
  • Enabling In-Place Archiving
  • In-Place Records Management in SharePoint
  • Activating In-Place Records Management
  • Messaging Records Management
  • Creating MRM Policy and Tags
  • Troubleshooting MRM Policies that Don't Run
  • Information Rights Management in Exchange
  • Information Rights Management in SharePoint
  • Office 365 Message Encryption

8 - Security and Compliance

  • Planning Security and Compliance Roles
  • Reviewing GDPR Needs
  • Building an Ethical Wall
  • Working with a Retention Policy
  • Creating a Retention Policy
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Creating a DLP Policy
  • Troubleshooting Policy Tips
  • What is Azure Information Protection?
  • Planning Azure Information Protection
  • Configuring Super User For AIP
  • Implementing the AIP Tenant Key
  • Working with AIP Labels and Policies
  • What is Windows Information Protection?
  • Planning for Windows Information Protection
  • Implementing Windows Information Protection

9 - Managing Search and Investigation

  • What is Content Search?
  • Creating a Content Search
  • Auditing in Microsoft 365
  • Searching Audit Logs
  • Configuring Audit Policy in SharePoint

10 - Planning for Device Management

  • Planning for Device Management
  • Prerequisites for Using Co-Management
  • Enabling Co-Management
  • Transferring Service to Intune
  • What is the Microsoft Store for Business?
  • Configuring the Microsoft Store for Business
  • Managing Settings for the Microsoft Store for Business
  • What is Mobile Application Management?
  • Configuring Mobile Application Management
  • Using Azure Ad for Apps

11 - Windows 10 Deployment Strategy

  • Planning for Windows as a Service
  • What are Windows 10 Deployment Models?
  • Planning Your Subscription Activation Strategy
  • Resolving Windows 10 Upgrade Errors

12 - Implementing Mobile Device Management

  • Managing Devices with MDM
  • Activating MDM
  • Configuring MDM
  • Managing Device Policies
  • Creating Conditional Access Policies
  • Enrolling Devices for MDM
  • Monitoring Enrolled Devices

13 - Conclusion

  • Course Recap

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