CISSP: The Complete Exam Guide

26 Hours, 28 Minutes


Delivery Method

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Course Overview

CISSP is the gold standard for security certifications. It covers the breadth of information security’s deep technical and managerial concepts.

Course Objectives

  • Domain 1: Security and Risk Management
  • Domain 2: Asset Security
  • Domain 3: Security Engineering
  • Domain 4: Communication and Network Security
  • Domain 5: Identity and Access Management
  • Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing
  • Domain 7: Security Operations
  • Domain 8: Security in the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Who Should Attend?

    Anyone who wants to benefit from all theknowledge to pass the CISSP exam.

    Course Prerequisites

    There are no prerequisites for this course.


    1 - Understanding Information Security Concepts in Domain 1 - Security and Risk Management

    • Defining Security
    • Security Governance
    • Effective Security Program
    • Compliance
    • Global Legal and Regulatory Issues
    • Understand Professional Ethics
    • Develop and Implement Security Policy
    • Business Continuity (BC) & Disaster Recovery (DR) Requirements
    • Manage Personnel Security
    • Risk Management Concepts
    • Threat Modeling
    • Acquisitions Strategy and Practice
    • Security Education, Training, and Awareness

    2 - Understanding Information Security Concepts in Domain 2 - Asset Security Managing Data: Determining and Maintaining Data Ownership

    • Data Standards
    • Protecting Data
    • Classifying Information and Supporting Assets
    • Protecting Privacy
    • Ensuring Appropriate Retention
    • Determining Data Security Controls
    • Selecting Standards

    3 - Understanding Information Security Concepts in Domain 3 - Security Engineering:

    • Using Security Design Principles in The Engineering Lifecycle
    • Understanding Fundamental Concepts of Security Models
    • Exploring Information Systems Security Evaluation Models
    • Ensuring Security Capabilities of Information Systems
    • Discovering Vulnerabilities of Security Architectures
    • Securing Databases
    • Analyzing Vulnerabilities and Threats
    • Applying and Using Cryptography
    • Site Planning
    • Implementing and Operating Facilities Security

    4 - Understanding Information Security Concepts in Domain 4- Communication and Network Security

    • Secure Network Architecture and Design
    • Implications of Multi-Layer Protocols
    • Converged Protocols
    • Securing Network Components
    • Secure Communication Channels
    • Network Attacks

    5 - Understanding Information Security Concepts in Domain 5 - Identity and Access Management

    • Physical and Logical Access to Assets
    • Identification and Authentication of People and Devices
    • Identity Management Implementation
    • Identity as a Service (IDaaS)
    • Integrate Third-Party Identity Services
    • Implement and Manage Authorization Mechanisms
    • Prevent or Mitigate Access Control Attacks
    • Identity and Access Provisioning Lifecycle

    6 - Understanding Information Security Concepts in Domain 6 - Security Assessment and Testing

    • Assessment and Test Strategies
    • Collect Security Process Data
    • Internal and Third-Party Audits

    7 - Understanding Information Security Concepts in Domain 7 Security Operations

    • Investigations
    • Provisioning of Resources through Configuration Management
    • Foundational Security Operations Concepts
    • Resource Protection
    • Incident Response
    • Preventative Measures against Attacks
    • Patch and Vulnerability Management
    • Change and Configuration Management
    • The Disaster Recovery Process
    • Test Plan Review
    • Business Continuity and Other Risk Areas
    • Access Control
    • Internal Security
    • Building and Inside Security
    • Personnel Safety

    8 - Understanding Information Security Concepts in Domain 8 - Security in the Software Development Life Cycle

    • Software Development Security Outline
    • Environment and Security Controls
    • Security of the Software Environment
    • Software Protection Mechanisms
    • Assess the Effectiveness of Software Security
    • Assess Software Acquisition Security

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