How to Hide Rows in Excel

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How to Hide Rows in Excel

Excel can seem like a foreign language to even the most well-versed professionals. Allow us to be your translator! Here are the steps to Hiding and Unhiding Rows in Excel.

Select the rows you want to hide: You can complete this a number of different ways:
1. Select the number, click down on your mouse and drag the mouse down.
2. Select the number, hit the shift + down OR up arrow until you get to the row you desire.
3. Lastly, you can click the number, hit the shift button on your keyboard, and then click the numbers with your mouse you want to hide. This option is great when the rows you would like to hide are scattered through the sheet.

Click the Home Tab: This section resides right next to your "File" tab in the top right
corner of the page.

Head to the Cells Section: Our "Cells" section is located between your "Styles" and
"Editing" Sections are displayed below.

Click Format and move your courser over the Hide/Unhide option

Select Hide Rows: Hide & Unhide selection is under the "Visibility" sub-category

Before: You can see the rows that you want to hide are still selected and showing in

After: You can see Row 4-6 are no longer visible

Short and Sweet
Some professionals want to speed up this process and what better way to do that than with a keyboard shortcut? The Keyboard Shortcut for PC Users is CTRL + 9  and
for you Mac Users it would be Command + 9.

Simply select which rows you would like to hide and then hit the keys listed above for your device. Then boom your rows are now hidden!

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