What is Low-Code, and Why Should You Care?

Taylor Karl
What is Low-Code, and Why Should You Care? 1553 0

Low-code development platforms are on the rise, allowing businesses to develop custom applications more efficiently to solve their unique challenges. With developers in high demand and short supply, companies search for options that can reduce development costs and increase overall efficiency.

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So, what exactly IS low-code?

Low-code platforms make it easier for business and IT professionals to understand and create application software through graphic interfaces instead of traditional programming. Building apps by dragging and dropping user interface components that replace code, automatically generating features based on the project's standard practices. A Low-code platform is a flexible and easy to understand design space that anyone can get creative in. They also reduced the time it takes to create apps significantly, meaning that they can be delivered quicker and from people who wouldn't typically consider themselves software developers.

What does this mean for businesses?

For 2021, Forrester predicts an accelerated adoption of low-code platforms:

"During the pandemic, many organizations embraced low-code platforms to build and deploy new apps fast. These experiences will drive most development shops to adopt low-code tools and more. Expect to see new hybrid teams emerge, with business users and professional developers building apps together with low-code tools built on cloud-native platforms."

With the emergence of fast-paced digital transformation, low-code platforms can fill talent gaps and help developers become even more productive by cutting down development time. As a leader in low-code application development platforms, Microsoft is recognized by analysts, demonstrating a strong strategy, vision, and ability to execute. Discover the benefits of Power Apps, outlined in a recently commissioned study by Forrester Consulting:

  • 188% ROI over three years
  • 74% reduction in app development costs
  • 4.3% revenue uplift linked to an increasingly faster development effort
  • 3.2 hours/week average improvement in line-of-business employee productivity
  • 22% of global developers reported using low-code platforms, and another 23% planned​ to do so within the year​
  • 132,000 worker hours saved from streamlined and automated activities (Year 3)

Reduce costs, save time, and help your business thrive with Power Apps, the low-code development platform of the future. Check out how you can invest in your staff to conquer low-code projects for 2021.