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Excel training courses prepare applicants for a competitive job market

When most people think of technology in the workplace, they likely think about sophisticated programs and applications that require advanced IT knowledge to operate. While there are certainly plenty of pieces of enterprise tech that fit that criteria, one of the most widely used technology programs in the business world is Excel. There are a variety of functions that can be carried out within Excel, making it a versatile tool for any organization.


"A variety of formulas can be used within Excel that make accounting easier."

One of the most common uses for Excel is to carry out basic accounting. Deposits and expenditures can be entered into the spreadsheet and money can be seen going in and out of accounts in real time. Excel also allows users to create charts and graphs with data collected over time, enabling businesses to compare income and expenditures and make changes accordingly. A variety of formulas can be used within Excel that make accounting easier, especially when working with increasingly large numbers. Cells can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided by one another with a simple formula, making bookkeeping quicker and easier than if done by hand.

Excel makes a variety of business functions faster and easier.Excel makes a variety of business functions faster and easier.

Customer data
Instead of having multiple ad hoc lists concerning different pieces of customer information, Excel spreadsheets offer companies the ability to create full-fledged customer databases. The nice thing about creating a database in the program is that it does not need to be fully planned out when it is first made, meaning users can gather and track data and then decide what the database will be used for. Fields can be added as needed without having to change any settings or disrupt existing data.

Record database
The manner in which a spreadsheet is laid out makes it ideal for record keeping. Unlike keeping records on paper where any changes have to be made by hand, making documents messy and hard to read, Excel allows records to remain easy to edit and read. Other forms of electronic record keeping can be time consuming and lead to sprawling files, but Excel keeps everything in one place that is easy to search.

Knowing how to use the functions and formulas in Excel is a desirable skill in the workplace, and classes offering Excel training are quick and convenient. Computer learning centers around the country offer in person and online classes to make students proficient in Excel and ready for the job market.


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