The Value of Learning Credits: Prepaid Training for Your Entire Team

What are Learning Credits?

Learning Credits are perfect for businesses who anticipate a need for training but don’t yet want to commit to specific courses or dates. Learning Credits can be used for all New Horizons products and services. Also, Learning Credits allow you to secure your training budget for an entire year while eliminating the administrative headache of paying for individual classes.

What Can Learning Credits Be Used For?

Learning Credits can be used for all New Horizons products and services, such as seats in virtually delivered open-enrollment public classes, Private Group Classes (in-person, or virtually delivered), and classroom rentals.

How Long Do I Have to Redeem my Learning Credits?

Learning Credits can be redeemed for one year from the day of purchase.

Example Scenario - $20,000 Learning Credit Package

$20000 Learning Credit Package

Jim, the IT Manager, plans to train a few of his Security Specialists throughout the year and has budgeted $10,000 to do so.

Amy is the head of Accounting and she has been allocated $5,000 to train her team on Excel and Outlook. She plans to schedule their training in the next quarter.

Debra, along with a few other members of the Graphics and Design team, have been allocated $5,000 for training and will be enrolling into the latest courses from Adobe.

NOTE: Learning Credits typically, cannot be used for Exam Vouchers, 3rd Party Partner Classes, or On-Demand/Digital Content. Talk to your Account Manager if your organization is interested in adding these products.

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