Thursday, July 9, 2015

The importance of PowerPoint in business

Most people have used PowerPoint at some point in their education or career. It's fairly easy to pick up the basic functions of the program for simple presentations, and information can easily be conveyed through bullet points and images on various slides. Most people do not delve into the broader functionality of the program though, but those interested in business management should look into everything PowerPoint has to offer.

The useful program is often used during business meetings and proposals to persuade others of a company's merits, among other uses, so knowing how to manipulate the program is a great advantage in business. Receiving a Microsoft certificate in PowerPoint training would give any employee the ability to create compelling presentations for any occasion.

PowerPoint business uses
Presentations are not the only useful business tools created in PowerPoint. The program can be used for all types of important projects. For example, Small Business Computing points out that the program can be used to make videos for clients and employees. These videos can also be uploaded onto YouTube and distributed over social media. For startups and small businesses, this is a simple, cost-effective way to create engaging content for customers and investors.

Important business materials can also be created in this program. Brand style guides are often composed in PowerPoint because users can create visually appealing instructions for distributors to flip through. Slideshows are also perfect for trade shows when a business wants to attract viewer attention. Interesting photos or statistics can help bring potential clients over to a business's booth.

Tip for making a presentation
PowerPoint is a persuasive tool for businesses to use, but it also has to be managed wisely. It's easy for a business meeting to turn boring and fact-filled really quickly. The creator of the PowerPoint slideshow has to keep this in mind when transferring information to the program. If the slides are too text-heavy, viewers will get distracted reading the long blocks of wording and stop listening to the speaker. Business Insider suggests using images to fully capture the audience's attention. 

Overall, PowerPoint is only half of the puzzle. The other half is giving a stellar verbal presentation to accompany the material. That's why presentation skills training goes so well with a PowerPoint certification. A presenter needs to avoid merely reading off the slides and be able to adequately answer all questions. With PowerPoint and presenter training, employees will be ready to tackle any business meeting.


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