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The Ultimate Google Cloud Platform Certification Guide

google cloud platform certification guide

Google Cloud Platform is one of the largest public cloud providers. It has gained rapid popularity with cloud-native companies and startups thanks to its deep investments in machine learning and analytics, competitive pricing and top-tier performance. 

As more businesses adopt Google Cloud, they’re seeking out qualified cloud professionals who understand the ins and outs of the platform. And one of the best ways to learn Google Cloud Platform is through a certification. 

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What Is Google Cloud Platform?

Launched in 2008, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was created to give companies access to the same infrastructure that Google runs its own services and products on. 

While Google first gained traction with smaller, cloud-native startups, more big-name companies, such as 20th Century Fox, Paypal and Target, have all taken up with the platform. GCP offers more than 75 unique cloud services, 18 global regions and strong partnerships with vendors like SAP, Pivotal and Rackspace. 

Google Cloud has a strong relationship with the open-source community and offers more capabilities than its competitors when it comes to analytics and machine learning. It has proven to be a viable competitor in the public cloud space, and many companies favor GCP for deploying big data, analytics and machine learning applications. 

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Google Cloud Certification?

A Google Cloud Platform certification shows your current and potential employers that you’re ready to take on newer challenges. 

It also demonstrates that you’re agile and open to learning about new technologies. As your company’s reliance on cloud applications grows, your boss might look to you as a cloud leader in your organization. And often, a new certification also equals a higher salary. 

A Google Cloud certification means that Google recognizes you as an expert in designing, developing, administering and managing infrastructure and data solutions in the Google Cloud. You’ll have the knowledge and skills needed to help businesses transform the way they work in the cloud, both internally and with customers. 

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Google Cloud Platform Certifications

Google Cloud already has a 20 percent adoption rate. With so many companies jumping on the Google Cloud bandwagon, you can set yourself apart with a Google Cloud certification. 

There are six Google Cloud Platform certifications for you to choose from:

1. Associate Cloud Engineer

The Associate Cloud Engineer handles the everyday maintenance of applications that exist on Google Cloud. An individual with this certification can monitor, deploy and manage solutions using the Google Cloud Console — along with the command-line interface — to complete everyday tasks within Google Cloud Platform. 

The Associate Cloud Engineer is the only associate-level certification Google offers right now. It’s a good place to start if you have less than a year of GCP-related experience.

Prerequisites: There aren’t any prerequisites, though Google recommends six months or more of hands-on experience using Google Cloud. 

What You’ll Learn: As you train to take the exam, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Create a cloud solution environment

  • Plan, configure and deploy a cloud solution 

  • Configure security protocols

  • Ensure a cloud solution is effective

Recommended Training:

2. Professional Cloud Architect

After you’ve earned the Associate Cloud Engineer certification, you’re in a prime position to pursue a professional-level Google Cloud Platform certification. 

The Professional Cloud Architect certification is recommended for people who design, develop and implement new cloud solutions. Because architects already have a strong understanding of Google Cloud Platform services, they can spin up new applications and capabilities that are scalable, secure and dynamic. 

Prerequisites: There aren’t any formal prerequisites, but Google does recommend at least three years of industry experience and one year designing and managing solutions using Google Cloud Platform.

What You’ll Learn: During the exam training, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Plan and craft a cloud solution architecture

  • Design new solutions with security and compliance in mind

  • Optimize and analyze cloud and business processes

  • Manage both the cloud solution infrastructure and the cloud architecture 

  • Maintain reliability within operations 

Recommended Training:

3. Professional Cloud Developer

Professional Cloud Developers build scalable, high-performance applications using Google’s best practices and tools. They understand runtime environments, developer tools and the latest databases. They are also familiar with at least one popular programming tool. 

Prerequisites: There aren’t any prerequisites, but Google recommends at least three years of industry experience and one year managing and creating Google Cloud Platform solutions.

What You’ll Learn: Leading up to the exam, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Build , test and deploy cloud-native applications 

  • Integrate Google Cloud Platform services with other solutions

  • Monitor application performance and adjust as needed 

Recommended Training:

4. Professional Data Engineer

Professional Data Engineers have a deep understanding of how to collect, transform and publish data to enable data-driven decisions in an organization.  They have the technical knowledge to design, build and operationalize data processing systems with an emphasis on security, scalability, reliability and flexibility.

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites. But Google recommends at least three years of experience working with data systems and one year managing and creating GCP solutions. 

What You’ll Learn: As you get ready for this exam, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Analyze data and enable machine learning in the Google Cloud Platform

  • Implement a secure data processing system that you designed

  • Create data visualizations

  • Optimize data infrastructure performance and representations

  • Maintain a reliable data processing infrastructure 

Recommended Training:

5. Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Professional Cloud Network Engineers manage the network architectures within Google Cloud Platform. These professionals work on cloud or networking teams alongside cloud architects to ensure the network is secure, reliable and streamlined. 

Prerequisites: A Professional Cloud Network Engineer should have at least one year of experience working with Google Cloud Platform and three years of relevant networking experience.

What You’ll Learn: As you prepare for this exam, you’ll learn how to:

  • Implement a virtual private cloud (VPC)

  • Create and prototype a Google Cloud Platform network

  • Establish hybrid connectivity and network security

  • Configure network services 

Recommended Training:

6. Professional Cloud Security Engineer

The Professional Cloud Security Engineer helps organizations plan and implement a secure infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform. A GCP security professional stays up to date on the latest cloud security requirements. And they have the skills required to provide data protection, analyze cloud platform logs, manage incident reports, define security policies and meet compliance regulations. 

Prerequisites: There aren’t any prerequisites, though Google does recommend at least three years of industry experience and one year managing and creating security solutions in GCP.

What You’ll Learn: In the classes leading up to your certification exam, you’ll learn how to:

  • Maintain compliance 

  • Ensure data protection

  • Establish access to the cloud environment

  • Manage operations within a cloud solution environment 

Recommended Training:

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