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Which IT certifications will earn you the most in 2017?

One of the top-motivating reasons to pursue an IT certification - besides the considerable skill earned - is the promise of a bigger paycheck. It's hard to argue with an investment that won't just expand one's knowledge and boost the chance of career advancement, but will improve the financial situation as well.

In this spirit, we're taking a look at some of the highest paying IT certifications making waves in the technology sector this year. If you're aiming to increase your earning power as well as your technological talent, look no further:

Security certifications

In recent years, there has been increased attention paid to cybersecurity - and for good reason. As cybercriminals operate with more sophistication, the risk to enterprises demands proactive attention. Due to these and other factors, security-focused IT certifications have become some of the most powerful investments a technologically-inclined individual can make.

According to PC Magazine, there are a few high-paying certifications in the security realm to choose from. These include the Certified Information Systems Security Professional course, which centers around consulting, auditing and analyzing security systems. This class enables certification holders to pursue the design and engineering of an organization's security protocol, once the 250-question test is passed with a score of 700 or better. The hard work and study pays off though - to the tune of more than $120,000 annually.

Also under the security certification umbrella is the Certified Information Security Manager course, which hones in on skills related to the design and management of enterprise-level security protocols. This course does require five years of experience in conjunction with a 200-question test, but enables workers to operate alongside business stakeholders outside of the IT team. What's more, this role allows certified staff member to play a more active role in helping to achieve top business goals, PC Magazine pointed out. Best of all, this course can help employees earn upwards of $121,000 a year.

IT certifications enable IT workers to grow their skills as well as their earning power. IT certifications enable IT workers to grow their skills as well as their earning power.

Ethical hacking

Adjacent to security certifications is the growing field of ethical hacking. An Ethical Hacking Certification can open up opportunities for multiple different IT roles, including Information Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Penetration Tester and Security Analyst positions. Each of these roles pays considerably according to PayScale, with salaries topping out in the $131,000 annual range. In this way, an Ethical Hacking Certification not only offers respectable earning power, but also enables skilled IT employees to break into an emerging and increasingly important sector of data security.

Project management

The Project Management Professional Certification comes up time and time again, and this attention is not unearned. A PMP certificate not only offers opportunities for career advancement and high pay - typical certification holders reap $109,000 or more annually, according to CRN - but is also one of the most widely applicable courses.

"This certification enables skilled IT employees to break into an emerging and increasingly important sector."

The PMP certificate does require several hours of hands-on training in addition to benchmarks for previous experience - 7,500 hours without a bachelor's degree, or 4,500 hours with a degree. However, as CRN pointed out, this is one of the most recognized certifications one can pursue.

Selecting the right certification

IT certifications are becoming increasingly important for both career roles and earning potential. At the same time, though, such courses aren't just about growing one's paycheck. Taking the time and effort necessary to earn an IT certification requires consideration, and you must be sure you are selecting the right course for your skill​ set.

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