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What is new for Office 365 in 2018?

Office 365 has emerged as a game changer in the enterprise productivity space. With Microsoft's flagship offering being delivered through the cloud, organizations have had to adapt to an ongoing update cycle and prepare for constant changes. The end result is, in many cases, a better product.

Has the cloud tipping point been reached?

Cloud computing represents the start of another era in IT.

Microsoft Is On A Mission To Empower The Entire Workplace

Microsoft’s dreams of empowering every person in the modern workplace are becoming reality.

Making seamless Office 365 email integration a priority

Is hybrid Exchange the answer to Office 365 email migration challenges?

What if you need to block former employees Office 365 access?

Here's how to ensure that ex-employees don't have access to your Office 365 implementation.

What IT certifications are useful when becoming a data scientist?

Data science is a rapidly growing profession. What sklls do you need to succeed in it?

3 common Office 365 management challenges an IT certification can help you solve

An IT certification can help you navigate common challenges with Office 365 administration.

4 Skype for Business features you might not have known about

Skype for Business has many features that you might not have heard about.

More than an intranet: How you can use SharePoint to remake your collaboration processes

You can do a lot with SharePoint beyond its intranet capabilities.

Office Online: Getting to know the free, lightweight version of Office 365

Office Online is a useful companion or alternative to the traditional Office apps.


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