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More than 90 percent of IT employers use LinkedIn to find candidates: How's your profile looking?

If you want to advance in your IT career, it’s important to take a look at your current online presence and consider what you can do to make yourself a more attractive candidate.

Why the best managers exemplify Positive Assertiveness

One of the most effective ways for a manager to pull people together for a common purpose is using the techniques called Positive Assertiveness.

How to Become an IT Director

Earning the position as an IT director isn’t just about technical acumen. Learn the skills, requirements and training needed to become a standout IT director.

How to Learn Microsoft Exchange From End to End

A reliable email platform is a must-have. Read about all of the best ways to learn Microsoft Exchange and effectively manage enterprise-grade email solutions.

Top IT hiring challenges in 2018

With the right training and expertise, you could present the solution to some of the most urgent problems at technology-oriented businesses.

Azure improving its "alert" capabilities

As a central hub for IT operations in the cloud, Azure is often used to gather and analyze performance metrics at a given time, especially as companies work to optimize resource availability relative to usage rates and costs.

Cloud computing evolution: What's to be expected a year from now?

Cloud computing continues to evolve, and businesses that want to maximize the potential value they obtain from the technology need to stay ahead of ongoing trends and avoid falling behind. Moving into the year ahead, a great deal of technological change is on the horizon.

What can IT organizations learn from the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

We recently discussed some of the implications of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal in our "Big data mismanaged: Lessons from Facebook." We unpacked what happened in the incident and highlighted some core takeaways. Now, let's hone in on what the data event really means for IT departments, particularly as businesses face an increasingly complex and highly regulated operational climate.

Big data mismanaged: 3 lessons from Facebook

Facebook has been getting a great deal of attention lately in the aftermath of a big data scandal that has shaken up the internet. The response has been fervent, with many decrying the social media giant for irresponsible behavior and some even using the event as a catalyst to begin serious discussions about all the potential ills of social media platforms.

Hybrid cloud connectivity: A tool every business can benefit from

Cloud computing and connectivity challenges often go hand in hand. Businesses must respond by ramping up their network functionality, particularly as the hybrid cloud becomes a de facto IT strategy.