Take Advantage of Microsoft Technical Training

Trying to navigate a technical program in order to answer vital questions for your company can be tedious– and that’s the typical day of most working professionals. So much time can be spent trying to ‘figure out’ the basics of a program for a project that an employee can begin to feel useless. Microsoft Office Technical training from New Horizons will quickly help you or your team effectively navigate all the features of Microsoft Office products like Azure, SCI, Dynamics, and others and set you or your team up for Microsoft certifications.

Take Advantage of Microsoft Technical Training

Be the Expert and Lead the Market

Microsoft is the leading tool for businesses all around the globe. New Horizons has partnered with Microsoft to train individuals and teams on the technical side of Microsoft so that they can minimize wasted time and increase productivity. These certifications are in high demand in the IT sector and will make any employee stand out. Office classes engage their students in real-life situations so that you or your team can take the skills learned and apply them directly to everyday scenarios. 98% of New Horizons students report higher job productivity levels from this simple, yet innovative course.

Benefits of Microsoft Office Certification:

  • Microsoft Office products help improve work efficiency with user-friendly features that enable easy and secure information sharing so that you don’t waste time in the transition.

  • New Horizons classes give you the technical know-how. Our labs give you the practical, hands-on experience you need to make the most of Microsoft 365. 

  • Our certification prep classes help you prove your skills by earning a Microsoft certification.

  • Microsoft Office products provide resources for the professional presentation of data that is compatible with most operating systems.

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