Microsoft SQL Server Training and Certification

Sometimes it may seem like the digital world is constantly competing to see who can master the latest programs to create the most complex databases. Here at New Horizons, we understand how overwhelming that can be. Microsoft SQL helps professionals thrive and excel in their field without overcomplicating things. Taking online SQL Server training is a great approach to boosting your brand value, developing your database skills, and assisting your business in extracting valuable insights. At New Horizons, we want you to be successful and our expert trainers know how to get you there. They will guide you through the learning process as you master the basics in no time.

Microsoft SQL Server Training and Certification

Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server Training

Microsoft SQL Server training courses can help you advance your SQL Server abilities. Build strong databases, learn to write advanced SQL queries, and understand data warehousing principles for better data insight and wiser business choices.

New Horizons provides best-in-class SQL Server classes for database professionals at all stages of their careers, with the broadest class base and flexible training choices. We offer courses for novice and experienced IT professionals, database developers, power information workers, business intelligence professionals, and data scientists. Rest assured that you are obtaining the most up-to-date and professional SQL Server curriculum. We can’t wait to see what you can do!

Microsoft SQL Server Courses

  • Administering SQL servers
  • Developing and designing database solutions
  • Implementing data models
  • Designing and managing business intelligence solutions
  • Analyzing big data and leveraging Power BI
  • Developing SQL databases
  • Performing basic and advanced SQL queries
  • Optimizing SQL databases