Microsoft Teams Training and Certification

Microsoft Teams Training and Certification

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Training

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft Office 365. Learning how to use Teams will enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues in business and classmates in education.

Because Teams connects with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Office 365, Teams streamlines document and workflow collaboration.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Everything is made easier with Microsoft Teams. The following are some of its benefits:


Teams uses a variety of security features, including team- and organization-wide two-factor authentication and single sign-on.

Video Calling

Video or regular audio calls are simple with Teams. Simply press "Join" to enter a meeting, "Meet Now" to initiate one, or "Call Without Video" to call someone without video, all from any device.

Make Calls from Any Device

Teams is a mobile-friendly application. You can effortlessly use Teams on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Microsoft Planner App in Teams

The planner is a Microsoft 365 service that allows you to create task and assignment boards for your team.

The Quick Question

Chat is used in Teams for quick tap-your-coworker-on-the-shoulder style discussions without the tapping or the lengthy dig through your email seeking an answer.

Lesser Email Threads

When your entire team works together on Teams, you'll receive fewer emails, and because you'll be using Teams for more of your interactions, you'll spend less time on your email.

Schedule Meetings with Ease

Your calendar is always accessible in teams, and it syncs automatically, so you'll never have to switch back to email.

Your Activity Feed

All of your most important to-dos, mentions, and communications are conveniently located in one place. It's like having your assistant who is always up to date.

Integration with the Microsoft Suite

There's no need to switch between applications to do different activities or waste time looking for emails or messages. Teams bring together almost every tool you use in one place.

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