Microsoft Office 365 Training and Certification

The Office 365 training provided by New Horizons focuses on document accessibility and communication, mobility, and team collaboration. This course will give you an overview of the applications that are accessible in Office 365. (NO NEED FOR THIS SINCE YOU ALREADY HAVE A MICROSOFT OFFICE SECTION WHICH WE EDITED TO BE O365)

Microsoft Office 365 Training and Certification

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Training

Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) combines a suite of apps, device management, and security services to enable businesses of all sizes to boost productivity, simplify operations, and safeguard their data.

Microsoft has moved the commonly used programs to the cloud, such as Word, Excel, Teams, Outlook, and PowerPoint. As a result, you can view your papers from anywhere, at any time, and you can improve your tasks in less time with built-in intelligence software.

The 7 Advantages of Office 365 Training

Helps to Grow End User Collaboration

Microsoft Office 365 is ideal for teams since it essentially transforms data exchange and file sharing. In addition, the Teams feature in Office 365 enables seamless online collaboration.

PowerShell Can Empower Office 365 Administration

PowerShell for Office 365 can permanently automate routine administrative operations, saving you time and energy.

Use OneDrive to Access Cloud Drives Via Mobile Devices

Microsoft created the OneDrive app, used in conjunction with Office 365 apps, particularly mobile devices. Sharing, browsing, and deleting files right within the app is a snap if you've been trained to utilize these functions in OneDrive.

Shared Business Processes Accelerated

Office 365 allows you to implement electronic form-driven solutions to collect critical business information from partners, suppliers, and customers. It integrates effectively with legacy systems and other current solutions while also allowing you to leverage non-Microsoft IT investments.

Share Without Revealing Sensitive Information

All Office 365 apps are designed with end-user security in mind without compromising productivity in any manner.

Employees Make Better-Informed Decisions

Employees may create real-time and interactive business intelligence portals that collect and display important information from various sources by utilizing the abilities of SharePoint and other Office 365 apps.

Work Faster at a Single, Integrated Platform

Office 365 has an advantage over other similar services due to its open, scalable features, comprehensive support for Web services, and interoperability standards.

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