Microsoft OneNote Training and Certification

As a busy professional, there’s no way you can remember every detail of every meeting– and you shouldn’t have to. We understand that you have so many important things going through your head every day, and with Microsoft OneNote training from New Horizons, you can improve your organizational skills quickly and simply so that you can spend time on more important projects. Microsoft OneNote is loved by professionals worldwide because it allows you to create, maintain, share, edit, and review notes in no time. Join millions of others and learn how to master Microsoft OneNote today.

Microsoft OneNote Training and Certification

Microsoft OneNote Training for Your Career

With Microsoft OneNote, the possibilities are endless. You can review and comment on documents, capture and save screenshots to OneNote, share notes, create to-do lists, write notes directly on the screen, sketch an idea, record meeting notes, and access notes from your phone, Surface, iPad, or web browser at any moment. Learning OneNote also helps teams streamline collaboration, making sharing notes, documents, and feedback easy.

OneNote training from New Horizons will prepare you and your team to get organized and become OneNote power users. We will be with you every step of the way as you acquire this invaluable skill that will take your career to an all-time high.