Take Advantage of SAP Training

Take Advantage of SAP Training

Be the Expert and Lead the Market

Thanks to the partnership between New Horizons and SAP, you or your employees can be trained at an associate, specialist, or professional level, all depending on your needs. Employees are happier working for businesses that acknowledge their dedication to continual learning, respect their contributions, and who are devoted to assisting them with their professional path. The SAP training program provides this satisfaction for employees while also providing employers with highly skilled and motivated professionals in return.

Benefits of SAP Training:

  • By investing in your workforce's professional development, benefit from improved efficiency, productivity, performance and more satisfied employees with higher retention rates.

  • SAP-trained professionals, who have proven their ability to satisfy professional standards, increase your organization's reputation and effective business outcomes.

  • Training gives personal and organizational recognition, as well as assistance for career advancement from proficiency to mastery.

  • SAP training is verifiable. Digital badges, which are available online, allow organizations to check the credentials of SAP-certified personnel quickly.