Agile Change Agent Certification

The Agile Change Agent certification validates your ability to scope, plan, and manage change efforts you can use on projects and change initiatives. To acquire the information needed to pass the Agile Change Agent Certification exam, there are mini-practice exams throughout the course, study questions to help you retain the information and a full-length practice exam to take before the actual exam. Participants attending a virtual class will receive a link to the examination, which should be taken within two weeks of the class end date.


  • There are no mandatory requirements. This course and certification is suitable for everyone who is involved in creating new ways of working.

Who Should Take This Exam?

  • Those working in “business as usual” roles who have been asked to take part in a change initiative that affects their team
  • Project, program and portfolio management roles will understand how to integrate their work with other changes in the business
  • Business analysts and communication experts will know how to contribute their skills to making change happen
  • Senior managers who are asked to sponsor change initiative will understand how to fulfil their responsibilities

Steps to Achieve Your Agile Change Agent Certification

  1. Attend Agile Change Agent Certification Training.
  2. You will receive a link to the Agile Change Agent certification examination, which should be taken within two weeks of the class end date.

Agile Change Agent Certification Courses

Agile Change Agent Certification Training

In this two-day workshop, participants will learn about agile ways of working and how an agile approach impacts their role and interaction with those driving and leading change.

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