Problem-Solving Skills (Second Edition) focuses on eliminating corporate problems. Approaches to problem solving are defined, along with traits of good problem solvers and the company cultures that influence them. The course focuses on the three phases of problem solving and breaks each phase into steps. Strategies are provided for individual problem solvers and problem-solving teams.


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Learning Objectives

In this course, you will gain adaptable, specific tools for corporate problem solving. You will:
• Identify problem-solving principles and barriers.
• Describe the impact of corporate culture on problem solving.
• Analyze a problem to approach it effectively.
• Generate potential solutions using creative and logical processes.
• Carry out and evaluate your solution.
• Build problem-solving teams through effective leadership.

  • Problem-Solving Basics

  •  Identify Problem-Solving Opportunities

     Determine a Problem-Solving Approach

  • Corporate Problem Solving

  •  Develop Traits of Problem Solvers

     Utilize Problem-Solving Cultures

     Overview of the Problem-Solving Process

  • Identifying and Analyzing Problems

  • Identify the Problem

    Analyze the Problem

  • Committing to a Solution

  • Generate Solution Options

    Choose the Best Solution

  • Solving the Problem

  • Sell Your Solution

    Implement the Chosen Solution

    Evaluate the Implemented Solution

  • Problem-Solving Teams

  • Build Positive Group Dynamics

    Lead a Problem-Solving Team


This course is intended for business professionals or managers who would like to learn problem-solving techniques for a corporate environment.




To ensure your success, we recommend you have some level of work experience in any of a variety of organizational settings. You should also have general end-user computer and Internet skills.


Length: 1.0 day (4 hours)


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