Programmers who can write comprehensive RPG IV programs using the IBM i RPG IV compiler (v7), learn additional skills & techniques. Comprehensive exposure to advanced features of the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) RPG compiler and the IBM i.


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Learning Objectives

Use address pointers and user spaces in RPG IV programs
Write database triggers in RPG IV
Develop ILE modular objects and package them in service programs
Explain the purpose of ILE activation groups
Explain the behavior of error handling and percolation in ILE
Code an ILE error handling program
Call application program interfaces (APIs) from RPG IV program

  • Day 1

  • Unit 1 - Welcome and administration

    Unit 2 - Using subfile displays

    Exercise 1 - Inquiry subfile with search

    Exercise 2 - Modularize vendor subfile search

    Exercise 3 - Page + 1 and PageDown

    Exercise 4 - Add PageUp

    Exercise 5 - Add SFLPAG = SFLSIZ

    Exercise 6 - Add maintenance

  • Day 2

  • Unit 2 - Using subfile displays (continued)

    Exercise 6 - Add maintenance (continued)

    Unit 3 - Using the debugger

    Exercise 7 - Debugging an RPB IV program

    Unit 4 - ILE error handling and condition handlers

    Exercise 8 - Enhancing the condition handler

  • Day 3

  • Unit 5 - Basic API programming

    Exercise 9 - Using system APIs I

    Exercise 10 - Using system APIs II 

    Unit 6 - Using RPG Compiler directives

    Exercise 11 - Using conditional compiler directives

    Unit 7 - Using pointers, user spaces, and dynamic memory

    Exercise 12 - Using list APIs

  • Day 4

  • Unit 8 - Using C functions

    Exercise 13 - Using C IFS functions

    Exercise 14 - Using C library functions

    Unit 9 - Using XML in RPG IV

    Exercise 15 - Enhancing the xml-into program


This advanced course is the third in a series of three classes designed for RPG IV programmers. Programming experience using RPG IV is mandatory when enrolling in this course. You should have attended RPG IV Programming Fundamentals Workshop for IBM i (AS060) and RPG IV Programming Intermediate Workshop for IBM i (AS070). This course is not designed for RPG III programmers who want RPG IV. RPG III programmers should review the agenda carefully before they make a decision to attend this class.




While there are no prerequisites for this course, please ensure you have the right level of experience to be successful in this training.


Length: 4.0 days (32 hours)


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