This classroom course introduces the base elements, optional features, and servers that are provided in z/OS. It focuses on the system service facilities that are provided by the z/OS Base Control Program (BCP).


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Learning Objectives

Describe the system initialization process of the z/OS operating systems
State the differences between an address space, data space, and hyperspace
Describe the process of translating a virtual address to a real address
Explain the difference between paging and swapping
Define a z/OS task
Describe dispatching, interrupt processing, supervisor calls, cross memory services, and serialization
Describe the purpose of the Job Entry Subsystem (JES)
Illustrate the flow of a job through the z/OS environment
Describe the allocation process for data sets in the z/OS environments
Illustrate how an I/O request is processed in a z/OS environment
Describe how workload management is accomplished in a z/OS environment
Explain the z/OS recovery processes and list available Problem Determination Tools
Describe z/OS storage management concepts
Describe the UNIX System Services functions provided in the z/OS environments
Explain the network topologies and protocol support provided in z/OS
Describe system security and network security for a z/OS environment
Create a high-level plan for the installation and configuration of a z/OS environment

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