In this course, students gain an in-depth understanding of the advanced topics required to implement production planning in SAP SCM APO.


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Learning Objectives

This course is organized in a fashion that mimics the step by step process planners will undergo in executing production planning tasks on a daily basis. We start with setup up alert profiles to manage the day to day exceptions. Participants will walk through a detailed analysis of the net requirements calculation process that is executed during product heuristics. Gain an understanding of how scheduling is performed as new orders are created. This will include analyzing source determination rules as well as scheduling strategies. Participants will analyze the pegging functionality and the master data parameters that can control the outcome of pegging. Additionally, we will perform an analysis of process, service and REM heuristics. Lastly, perform an overview of the detailed scheduling activities involved in developing an execution schedule.

  • Introduction to Production Planning in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO)

  • Planning Demand in the Supply Chain
    Using Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)

  • Production Planning Results Evaluation

  • Evaluating the Planning Run Results with Alerts
    Evaluating the Planning Results
    Evaluating the Planning Run with Advanced Tools

  • Planning Procedure

  • Configuring Basic Parameters for Planning
    Executing the Production Planning Run
    Planning a Product Using the Planning Procedure

  • Order Creation with Product Heuristics

  • Using Demand Management in PP/DS
    Planning Make-to-Order Production Using PP/DS
    Using Firming in PP/DS
    Configuring Product Heuristics
    Managing the Reuse of Procurement Proposals Using the Lot-Size Calculation In Production

  • Scheduling in Production Planning

  • Determining the Source of Supply of the Order
    Scheduling Operations with the Strategy Profile
    Scheduling a Planned Order for Production

  • Pegging in Production Planning

  • Configuring Dynamic and Fixed Pegging

  • Additional Heuristics in Production Planning

  • Planning Production Using Process Heuristics
    Planning Production Using Service Heuristics
    Configuring Bottom-Up Heuristics
    Planning Production Using Repetitive Manufacturing (REM) Heuristics
    Outlining the Integration of Supply Network Planning (SNP) in PP/DS

  • Detailed Scheduling

  • Scheduling Operations with the Detailed Scheduling Planning Board
    Planning Production with Detailed Scheduling Strategies and Heuristics
    Managing Setup Times with the Setup Matrix
    Managing Scheduling with the PP/DS Optimizer
    Using MRP-Based Detailed Scheduling


The primary audience for this course are Application Consultants and Business Process Owners/Team Leads/Power Users.




While there are no prerequisites for this course, please ensure you have the right level of experience to be successful in this training.


Length: 5.0 days (40 hours)


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