Attendees will learn about the entire ITAM Program and take with them the foundation plan for starting or improving their organization’s ITAM Program. The intense three-day course with certification is packed full of information and real-world experiences designed to make your ITAM Program more effective and efficient, and the CITAM Certification will lend notable credibility to both you and your ITAM Program. This course addresses each of the Key Process Areas (KPAs) identified within the IBPL that, when combined, empowers an organization and maximizes the value of their IT assets. The course will also review the core processes that encompass the ITAM Program and the projects that will help an organization build a productive and profitable business unit.


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Learning Objectives

By attending this course the attendee will be able to:

Understand and utilize the dependencies, relationships and benefits of the KPAs found within an effective IT Asset Management Program
Specify and define the duties and responsibilities necessary to be an effective IT Asset Manager
Obtain and display an understanding of the resources and commitment necessary to implement a fully functional IT Asset Management Program.

  • Course Outline

  • IAITAM and the Mission
    ITAM Code of Ethics
    Defining Primary Roles in an ITAM Program
    IAITAM's 12 KPAs
    Relationships, Dependencies, and Benefits
    KPA Interdependencies
    Roles and Responsibilities
    Creating Dynamic Job Descriptions for ITAM Programs
    The Role of a Program Manager
    Project Management Relationship Triangle
    Sample Projects by KPA
    Prioritization and the ITAM Program
    Lifecycle Management
    Process Building Best Practices
    Gaining Executive Buy-in
    Business Case Template
    Maturity Assessment
    ITAM as a Core Business Function


Experienced IT Asset Managers will benefit from this course.




IAITAM strongly recommends prior CSAM/CHAMP certification and/or a well-founded working knowledge of IT Asset Management and an understanding of the student's organization's business model. The course is not designed for the novice IT Asset Manager and is homework intensive.


Length: 3.0 days (24 hours)


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