In this course, students learn how to administer IBM Integration Bus on distributed operating systems, such as Windows and AIX, by using the IBM Integration Bus administrative interfaces.


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Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to: Install and configure an IBM Integration Bus instance Establish, maintain, and manage an integration node Administer IBM Integration Bus components and message flow applications by using the IBM Integration web user interface and command interface Configure connectivity to IBM MQ to enable IBM Integration Bus to get messages from, or put messages to, queues on a local or remote queue manager Implement IBM Integration Bus administration and message flow security Use problem determination aids to diagnose and solve development and runtime errors Use the IBM Integration web user interface to generate and display message flow statistics Use IBM MQ or MQTT to publish and subscribe to IBM Integration Bus topics Implement an IBM Integration Bus global cache to store, reuse, and share data between integration nodes Use workload management policies to adjust the processing speed of messages and control the actions that are taken on unresponsive flows and threads Use the IBM Integration web user interface and a database to record events and replay messages Enable an integration node to connect to a database with ODBC and JDBC Configure a Java Message Services (JMS) provider for use with the JMS nodes Configure IBM Integration Bus for the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) Find and install IBM Integration Bus SupportPac components

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