This course offers hands-on configuration and implementation of SAP Process Control 10.1, as well as important concepts you will need to know in order to prepare for implementation and ongoing prevention of process risk.


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Learning Objectives

Discuss the purpose and business use of Process Control
Describe key features and related harmonization topics
Describe risk-based internal controls
Configure Process Control customizing settings and those shared across GRC
Create and manage master data
Discuss security and authorization requirements
Implement the Process Control solution
Use risk-managed financial compliance practices
Plan and process surveys and tests
Set up and maintain Continuous Monitoring
Integrate and use Process Control with Policy Management
Discuss operational compliance
Aggregate deficiencies
Use the harmonized reporting framework
Describe the use of custom-defined fields and document search

  • Enterprise Goverance, Riskl, and Compliance (eGRC)

  • Risk-Based Approach to Managing Compliance Initiatives
    Integrated GRC Approach

  • Governance

  • Governance Overview
    Governance Using Process Control 10.1
    Daily Business Use

  • Harmonization Overview

  • Harmonization Concepts
    Work Centers
    Setting Up an Entry Page
    Technical Landscape

  • Configuration Requirements

  • Customizing Central Tasks
    Shared Master Data and Reports
    Authorization Updates
    Process Control-Specific Customizing

  • Create & Manage Master Data

  • Master Data Overview
    Setting Up an Organization Hierarchy
    Setting Up the Account Group Hierarchy
    Setting Up the Central Process Hierarchy
    Setting Up the Indirect Entity-Level Control Hierarchy
    Harmonized Risk Model
    Uploading Master Data with MDUG
    Content Lifecycle Management
    Master Data Change Request Workflow

  • Surveys and Manual Tests

  • Survey and Test Overview
    Planner Overview
    Assessment Survey
    Manual Test
    Manual Test – Offline Forms and Data Sheets
    Disclosure Survey
    Issue Remediation

  • Risk-Managed Financial Compliance

  • Risk-Based Financial Compliance
    Materiality Analysis
    Risk Assessment
    Control Risk Rating
    Test Strategy
    Risk Coverage Analysis
    Integration with SAP Audit Management

  • Ad Hoc Issues

  • Ad Hoc Issues
    Integration with SAP Fraud Management

  • Policy Management

  • Policy Management – Overview
    Configuring Policy Management
    Policy Lifecycle Management

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Continuous Monitoring – Overview
    Continuous Monitoring – Preconfiguration
    Creating a Data Source
    Creating a Business Rule
    Assigning Business Rules to a Control
    Scheduling a Continuous Monitoring Job
    Monitoring a Continuous Monitoring Job
    SAP Queries
    SAP BW Query
    Setting Up a Configurable Rule Subscenario
    Create a Programmed Rule
    ABAP Reports
    Process Integration Subscenario
    SoD Integration
    Web Service for Continuous Monitoring
    Event-Based Monitoring
    SAP HANA Views
    New CCM Content Upload Capabilities

  • Operational Compliance Overview

  • Operational Compliance Overview and Key Trends
    Operational Compliance-Specific Focus in CCM

  • Closing Activies in an ICS Management Cycle

  • Sign-Off
    Aggregation of Deficiencies

  • Reporting

  • Reports Overview
    Report Framework Harmonization
    Dashboard Overview

  • Security & Authorization

  • Security and Authorization – Overview
    Authorization Configuration and Setup

  • Implementation Scope and Approach

  • Implementation Scope and Approach

  • Establishing a Compliance Framework

  • Configuring a Multi-Compliance Framework (MCF)

  • Other Process Control Features

  • Custom-Defined Fields
    Document Search


This course is designed for Implmentation Consultants, Business Users, IT Governance Experts, and Compliance Managers.




The GRC100 coruse is an essential prerequisite. Experience with compliance regulations is recommended.


Length: 5.0 days (40 hours)


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