Design, build, and launch a business-to-business (B2B) commerce solution that enables retailers, wholesalers, or distributors to purchase goods or services from your brand. In this 2-day class, our Commerce Cloud experts will walk you through how to set up and configure the essential elements required to manage a storefront, so you can deliver a buyer experience that satisfies your organization’s unique requirements.


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Learning Objectives

Understand the different types of products and how to configure them.
Set up different pricing strategies.
Understand how to implement Marketing and Pricing Strategies.
Organize your storefront by configuring Categories and Menus.
Understand how the B2B Commerce Cloud handles Internationalization by setting up additional currencies and languages.
Grasp Attribute Driven Commerce.
Configure Facetted Searches.
Take the next step toward a B2B Commerce Administrator Accreditation.

  • Platform Overview

  • Understand the Features and Functionality of B2B Commerce

  • Setup

  • Administer Commerce Cloud
    Adjust Sharing Settings
    Configure the Storefront Secure Domain
    Style Your Storefronts with Themes
    Add Widgets to Storefront Pages
    Leverage Indexing
    Enable Caching for Storefront Pages

  • B2B Buyers

  • Manage Contacts
    Create Buyer Users
    Understand Community Licenses
    Enable a User
    Create Account Groups
    Create Price Lists
    Manage Storefront Access

  • Products

  • Add Standard Products to a Price Book
    Create a Product Bundle
    Create a Product Kit
    Create an Aggregated Product
    Create a Dynamic Kit
    Create an Assembly Product

  • Marketing and Pricing Strategies

  • Show Related Products
    Create Subscription Products
    Set Up Promotions
    Offer Coupons for Discounts on Storefront Purchases
    Offer Tiered Pricing to Give Customers a Price Break
    Configure Attribute Pricing
    Configure Contract Pricing

  • Storefront Organization

  • Show Your Featured and Spotlight Products
    Plan Your Category Structure
    Add a Menu Component
    Create Page Sections
    Customize Storefront Headings with Page Labels

  • Localization

  • Add or Change the List of Available Languages
    Add or Change the List of Available Currencies
    Localize Objects

  • Advanced Configurations

  • Enable Effective Accounts
    Split an Order with Line Level Independence


This class is designed for individuals responsible for implementing a new B2B Commerce Cloud on Classic storefront or providing functional storefront maintenance in a support or administrative role.




It is recommended that all participants have previous exposure to Salesforce administration and configuration.


Length: 2.0 days (16 hours)


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